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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hi, :)

I'm a new author at Forbidden Publications. ON THE EDGE by Cia Leah and Sienna Dawn will be released soon. It's an action/adventure/romantic suspense novel and I have A Cowboy For Two coming soon also.

I am a multi-published author writing a variety of genres.

I also want to wish Rene, who is a very nice Publisher to work with, much success with her new business. She goes the extra mile to make her authors happy, to provide them with beautiful artwork for their covers, and is accessable to her authors. Rene, you are indeed one of a kind.

Coverart by Moonglade Designs

I'd also like to introduce a friend of mine, Ciara Luvstar, who has two Forbidden Delights, Forbidden Family and Fantasy Affair, to be released soon from Forbidden Publications. She also wishes Rene much success and thanks her for the opportunity to write for Forbidden Publications.

Cia Leah
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