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Saturday, August 23, 2008
Inspiration of the winged kind

AS I was surfing through profile sensations looking for a hunky man to paste onto a friends myspace I saw this guy and I thought, oh wow. Wouldn't it be nice if he fluttered up to my bedroom window one of these cool summer nights? I really like the drama and the artist nature of this picture. It conjures up a great story on its own. Who is this winged man and why is he creeping through the woods? LOL. I had an idea, if anyone else is keen, to hold a little writing contest, of sorts, featuring this man, with strap on wings. If enough people are interested we might be able to put it to an anthology or at least a very interesting free read.

If you want to play email me at
posted by Tara S Nichols @ 7:01 AM  
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