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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Big News From Delinda Jasper

Okay guys!  I've been sitting on this forever it seems like, and I can finally spill.

The Cedar Grove Series has been born!  Actually it was born last year when I wrote my first two books, Making Changes and A Reason to Stay, formerly published at Silk's Vault.  But they were not packaged as a series.  But, they both take place in Cedar Grove, a small town on the banks of Lake Michigan.

I can now OFFICIALLY announce that Making Changes and A Reason to Stay are no longer at Silk's Vault, but are COMING VERY SOON to Forbidden Publications.  In addition, three more books in the Cedar Grove series are also now under contract and coming soon from Forbidden, with more in the works.

Are you already a fan?  Did you fall in love with Nick and Mindy?  Jake and Ellie?  Want to find out more about their stories?  They, along with many more memorable characters you'll get to know and love will be making appearances throughout the Cedar Grove saga.  They may even star in more stories of their own!!

What's next in the series?  Lorelei's Dance.  Meet sexy Lorelei Graham and hottie Dr. Kaden McCallister.  (Yes girls, he is the older brother to super hottie fireman Jake from A Reason!)
Come along for the ride as Lorelei and Kaden heat up the sheets and each other's hearts.

Romancing Lorelei--
Kaden and Lorelei can't deny their attraction for one another.  The chemistry between them is explosive.  But can Kaden convince Lorelei love and lust CAN go hand in hand?

TROUBLE--Carly used to be attracted to bad boys.  But has reformed her ways and is trying to make a quiet life for herself.  But old habits die hard. 

Billy used to be a bad boy.  He liked fast cars and faster women.  But both were nearly his downfall.  He's finally lived down the Bad Billy name given to him in high school and runs a successful business in Cedar Grove. 

When these two get together there is going to be TROUBLE!

posted by fat girl @ 4:29 PM  
  • At 11:35 AM, Blogger Caffey said…

    Delinda, i'm speechless, this is fab. Yep I'm a fan of those two books, i did realize reading the second of the setting, and this is so much better there will be more. Can't wait for the next one!!

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