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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Demon in the Basement claws its way to #16!

Demon in the Basment was recently released on Fictionwise ( and has clawed it's way to #16 on the bestseller list of Erotic e-books.

While this surprises me because the story is rather dark, I'm ecstatic! If you haven't yet read the tale of Emme and Nazan, the dark demon of her heart, check it out either directly from my publisher: or join the party on Fictionwise and please be kind enough to rate it if you love it as much as I do!


Demon in the Basement small for sites



Enter the basement’s forgotten darkness and reach for the light of redemption. Find love and passion in an unlikely mate. Dare to look beyond what you see.

Emme has inherited her estranged father’s estate and vows to clean out all the evil he left behind. In the corner of the basement, she discovers one of the greatest of his forbidden treasures: Nazan, a demon that’s been trapped there since she fled the house as a teen. The broken demon is circled by salt, emaciated and bears scars left by years of cruelty and torture.

A caring woman who believes all creatures have their place in the world, Emme undertakes the arduous task to mend the wounds done to his soul, mind and body—to return him to his rightful state and place. Despite her unsettling attraction to him, a fiery heat occurring every time he touches her, she is determined to set the demon free.

But he has other plans.

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