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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Review of VELVET SEDUCTION By Local Mystery Author

"I first became aware of the stories of Sabrina Luna through a mutual friend and lover of books, Candy. I had to try one of her stories, and read VelvetSeductions (Publisher Forbidden Publications).

The novella is about Lance and Anna, who meet on aphone-sex line. But this is not a one dimensionalstory; in fact the characters are very real.

Developing characters that are life-like is difficult in a story of this length, as is setting detailed environments they move through. But Ms. Luna pulls those feats off very well, and the story is interesting and full.

The author describes the story as “erotic and spicy”and guess what? It simmers, but isn’t it nice that the characters have other life issues also. This is not a sex book per se, but a story about heat, passion, loveand friendship.

I highly recommend Velvet Seductions and look forward to more books penned by this very talented writer."

Gary Dillman
Author of Specter (Dark Realm Press) and others.

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