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Monday, November 06, 2006
Greetings from a new FP author!
Good morning!

I'm one of the new authors joining Forbidden Publications this week. It's great to be here, I'm very excited about this opportunity.

I'm British and I live in the north of England near York. I write erotic historical and contemporary romances (m/f and m/m... although I have a preference for slash). I also love writing (and more especially, reading) paranormal romances - ghosts, shifters, vamps, you name it, I love it!

My book with FP is an IR D/s historical erotic romance set in 19th century China - hey, why have one classification when you can have four?! That's what I love about e-publishing, there's no restrictions like there is with traditional publishers. A good story is a good story, it shouldn't be pigeonholed into one tiny genre.

Here's my blurb:

Son of Heaven

Charlotte Freely has resigned herself to a life of disappointment. A failed engagement has left her an object of scandal and at the age of 31 the chances of finding a suitable husband are slim - even in the more accommodating society of 1890s South-East Asia. As companion to her trader stepbrother, Edward, Charlotte has travelled through Singapore and China where the natives are happy to be pliable and subservient in return for Western money.

But on a silk-buying trip to Hangzhou, Charlotte meets a Chinese man who is far from bending to Western whims, and she soon falls for his dominant charms. Song Chao Ming is descended from the Southern Song emperors, and carries the regal command of his forefathers. While Edward shows no respect for Chao Ming, Charlotte finds herself helpless to resist such a masterful man.

But she is parted from Chao Ming when Edward decides their business is over. He has plans for Charlotte's future that would see her marrying his beastly friend and trading partner, Johnny. When Charlotte runs away and returns to Chao Ming, she pledges herself to him, but both have a lot to learn about submission and control. Chao Ming gives Charlotte a Chinese name, Tianfu, but this isn't enough to make her a Chinese woman. He is used to his concubines being completely beholden to him, but Charlotte's Western ways leave her unwilling to be a slave anywhere but in his bed.

Is lust enough to overcome two distinct cultural ideals, or will only the understanding of love allow the Son of Heaven to keep his precious Tianfu?

You can read an excerpt here:

The story was inspired in part by my first trip to China. I fell in love with the city of Hangzhou and had to write about it. As for who inspired Chao Ming... well, that would be telling ;) Next time I'll post some pics of Hangzhou so you can see what a gorgeous place it is.

I'm going to take this opportunity to pimp my newsletter! It comes out monthly in pdf format, and the first issue came out on November 1st. In it you get excerpts, sneak peeks, a serialised m/m novel and exclusive contests. This month you can win either a jade necklace from Hong Kong or a coffee-table book on ancient Greece. Check it out here:

And while on the subject of contests, I run a 2-book giveaway every month or so from my website, so if you fancy trying to win a couple of Mills & Boon/Harlequin or, next month, some super-raunchy Black Lace novels, why not have a look at my contest page:

Have a great day,
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