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Thursday, January 04, 2007
Coming soon in February!
The second book in the Knightbird Series, "The Daysong of the Knightbird". This is the follow-up to the action adventure, "The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight".


The King E'Mor has returned to Quadstar to find the son he never knew, a son that he thought he had lost and a son he thought he would lose. Can a peace really come to this royal family?
With the return of Prince E'Falco (Jesse Knight) comes a spark to a debate that has gone on since the world was new, the seperation of races. With the matter of one of his sons, The King must hold his court together and act objectively on the matter, but there is someone in court who does not see the way he does. With the death of Bear Tooth, Prince E'Falco has now made a powerful enemy in his father's court.

E'Falco's charm wins over a true servent of the court. She has a secret that she kept since the occupation. While this unfolds, E'Falco and Siff, the Captain's son, decide to take their futures into their own hands. The people will follow a warrior and this is fact. He will find out if he is tough enough to handle some of the harshest training that only a few will finish. It is during his time in training he will meet someone who is fimilar to him, but he cannot put his finger on it.
Among all this chaos, Jesse will find out if his deepest dream is real. All he has to do is catch a falling star.


Also available is Book One of E'Mor's Romances, "Star'Leen". When Jesse was just another gleam in King E'Mor's left eye, E'Mor had to prove himself to those who would follow him...Live Brave and Love Deeply.

The Knightbird Series and E'Mor's Romances from author, Laurlee Harbig.
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