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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
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Join author Anastasia Rabiyah and author A.C. Croom for a release party at our publisher’s online chat room for fun, prizes and a chance to speak to us! Ask about our books and what keeps us writing. Stop by and say hello. We'd love to hear from you!

Located here:

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Date: February 15, 2008

Time: 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central and 9 pm Eastern.


Shahzar III Sorcerer and Shadow

By Anastasia Rabiyah

(author website:

Fantasy Romance

In this third part of Shahzar’s journey, she learns to call the Gift of the Goddess, to use her magic at will. But no great power is without its consequences, as she soon discovers.  While she is away from Kaladia, her goddess continues to reach out to her, troubling Shahzar over the responsibility she abandoned.

War comes to Kaladia, stronger and more dangerous than the raids of prior years. Left behind to care for the city, Raynier struggles to prove his worth. He must seek out a new way to end the attacks by Dalin, the power hungry brother of the dead Klemish king.

But all the humble bishop desires is the return of his queen.



Showdown in Shadow Creek

By A.C. Croom

Historical Western Romance

(author website:

What could be better than loving a brave and beautiful woman? What could be better than seeking a true home after years of the dangerous life a gambler and gunfighter leads? What could be better than having friends willing to back your play, with no questions, because it's the right thing?

What could be better than all that?

Surviving a Showdown In Shadow Creek!

Showdown In Shadow Creek steps back in time, to a place where men earned what was theirs at the end of a smoking gun, where nothing was free except the air to breathe, where a bend in the trail could hide fortune or death, where the only land a man was sure to own was a four-foot by eight-foot plot on boot hill.

Being shot at was nothing new to J. R. Bell. A gambler by choice and gunfighter by necessity, it was the risk he faced everyday of his life. But now he wants to change that life and his fate leads him to Shadow Creek and his one chance to settle down. In town only hours, he meets Eve Southerland and is wounded by an unknown assailant. His fortune and misfortune combine and lead him inextricably toward a confrontation with destiny.

Amid unanswered questions of a town hiding a secret, the streets of Shadow Creek becoming over-populated with hired guns and a murderous scheme to separate him from what’s rightfully his, J. R. falls in love. Only one thing stands in the way of his claiming the heart of Eve Southerland and starting a new life. A showdown is building. Are John and Eve willing to fight to get what they want? Or, will they lose everything in the Showdown In Shadow Creek?


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