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Sunday, February 08, 2009
Coming This Spring: Prophets Rest

For several years now, I have been lucky enough to publish through Forbidden Publications. Though I have changed genre, Rene has been patient with me as I grow and mature as a writer of fiction.

Most of my fellow writers with FP know that I am not the most prolific fiction author on the block. Indeed, I am very lucky to pump out one or two novellas a year. Nor, am I the most active promotionalist around. That I am trying to change and one day I may actually bring my blog and MySpace page up to date. That is the challenge before me.

Now a more cheerful subject; my new Western!!!!

Prophets Rest is a tale that pits Good against Evil to see justice served or die trying.

Tucker Prophet has been a Texas Ranger for more years than he cares to think about. As a teen he fought valiantly for his beliefs and convictions as the Civil War ground to a conclusion. Returning to Texas, a state bereft of any form of law and order, he joined the Texas Rangers and worked his way into a leadership position. Traversing the state from the Rio Grande to the plains of Amarillo and from El Paso to Texarkana on the Red River, with only a brother to call family and few friends; tracking down outlaws, rustlers and Mexican banditos for twenty years had finally begun to wear on him.

When his younger brother is killed in a stage coach robbery, he and three other Rangers set out in pursuit of the outlaw Billy ‘Gunner’ Farren and his gang of cutthroats. The four month chase leads the Rangers into the mountains of Colorado, where they find that the Farren gang has struck once again.

All four resign commissions in the Rangers and band together to protect the survivors of this latest attack that resulted in the deaths of peaceful homesteaders and the abduction of two surviving young women. A cat and mouse chase through the mountains culminate in a showdown to once and for all rid the west of a deadly predator; or die trying.

As with my other three releases, Kate's Song, Kate's Song: Awakening, and Showdown In Shadow Creek, this story holds elements of love and romance wrapped within the action and drama of the chase. Please watch for it in late March or early April.

Thank you all for your continuing support. I'm A.C. Croom and I write!

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