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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Save a Marriage--Read Romance
While cleaning through my desk the other day I came across a yellowed faded newspaper clipping dated June 8, 1998 that I had obviously saved. I’m glad I did for it reminded me why I enjoy writing and reading romance novels. And why I think these romances played and still play a very important role in today's’ society. I'd like to share that clipping here.

"Dear Abby,

I may be able to help “Frustrated Husband” whose wife’s sex drive was decreasing while his seemed to be increasing. My husband and I were in the same situation. I was tired after working all day, then caring for our daughters and trying to keep the house straight.

Sex never crossed my mind unless my husband mentioned it. I was usually too tired or distracted by all the “to do” lists running through my mind to look forward to a sexy evening.

By chance, I started reading romance novels. Suddenly, my sex drive increased dramatically. Some of them are very descriptive, and they caused me to think about sex throughout the day (something my husband says he’s always done). The result is, come bedtime, I’ve been mentally preparing for lovemaking all day long. Sometimes I’m even the initiator. My husband and I are happy and more satisfied. BEEN THERE, DOING THAT.

And Abby’s reply:

Dear Been There, I almost ripped my bodice when I read your solution. Now why didn’t that occur to me?

Widowed four years I have started to date. I am on several online dating sites where I see married men looking elsewhere. I propose to these men that perhaps they make a suggestion to their wives that they start reading these romances. I then wonder how many troubled relationships can eventually be saved if they were to follow my advice.

posted by Collette678 @ 8:35 AM  
  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger Stella Price said…

    I agree! and honestly, me and my fiancee have been togehter almost three years and about 4 months ago, i was REALLY getting odd about sex. I started HIM reading romance novels (Cuz lets face it i WRITE romance) and things have been through the roof ever since... Seriously... i agree 100 percent!

  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger Diana Castilleja said…

    I have to say, it's true, when I'm reading, I tend to lean more toward the "let's get it on" side of the fence! And he sure isn't going to complain...

    Still happily married...

  • At 10:58 AM, Blogger Author Cia Leah said…

    I don't necessarily agree with that reading romances increase sexual desire. There are many reasons why men look elsewhere. If you asked most of those men or women why they look elsewhere, and really got down to the true reasons, then you may find that their wives, or husbands may have health issues that keep them from having sex, or just aren't compatible.

    Not intending to offend anyone here, but sometimes reasons to abstain involve a variety of issues.

    If a marriage is only held together by sex, then a man or woman will look elsewhere no matter what.

    I read romances because I like them and want to see how the hero and heroine overcome the obstacles in their way and proove that love is the most important ingrediant in a relationship.


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