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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Katie is Coming!
Like waiting for the birth of a first child. That's the only comparison I can use that even comes close to the expectation and excitement that I feel right now.
Kate's Song is a journey of self discovery. From 1968, when pre-marital sex was still unacceptable in some parts of America, to the 1990's, where sex became a bargaining chip in the search for a mate for some young people, Katie, like her mother before her, discovers her own direction and sense of self.
Kate's Song is a sweet contemporary short story on Rene's list to release November 10th. I have been looking forward to her birth for many months and hope you, all my friends and co-authors, join me Friday night as Katie steps into the light for the first time.
The Blurb:
Katie Kitchens bears the traits passed on to her. Never knowing her father, losing her mother as a young woman, Katie sets a course through life with strong will and determination that has passed from mother to daughter and grandmother to granddaughter.
Love from her family she has always known, but a lasting love of her own is only a dream. Until, from an unexpected source, she is faced with a decision that will change her life forever. Jimmy Phillips steps onto the sand of a Biloxi beach and back into Katie's life. The results are a kaleidoscope of emotions that threaten to undo her completely.
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