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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Warning!!! She is about to be released!

"Star'Leen" is about to go on the prowl.

Book one of the "E'Mor's Romances" series is going live on December 8th!!! After this there will be no looking back.

E'Mor didn't want to hurt Star'Leen, but he was forced to. It is this action that will be his father's downfall. The murder of a Dragon High Lord will cause tention between the Crown City and the famed Dragon's Keep, but that is another story to be told. When it is all said and done E'Mor must ask the one woman he hurt for forgiveness. Will she turn on him or love him inspite of himself?

This is the first story of "E'Mor's Romances" series, but Star'Leen is not his first fancy. That will be the next story to be told.
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