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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Black Widow 1: Beautiful Poison

WOO HOO!! It's finally here!! My newest (re)release with Forbidden. I LOVE this series and I hope you all will too. Here's the blurb, just to lure you in.
Reyna is one of the world’s top assassins. She is known only by her codename, Black Widow. Using a poison that is accelerated by wild sex, she seduces her marks and lures them to the bedroom. Once she is finished with them, upon their last breath, she takes their picture, cleans off all proof of her being there and leaves. No one has ever been able to identify her. Despite her cold blooded job, she has tensions and emotions running rampant in her life, and reeking havoc on her heart. How will she handle them? Can she control the ache she feels boiling deep within her? Will either of the only two men in her life be able to satisfy her sexual hunger?
posted by Marissa de A'mor @ 12:08 PM  
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