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Friday, May 25, 2007
Slip into a Fantasea with Ann Cory!
Fantasea available now from Forbidden Publications

Short Story

Among some boxes in her closet, Brianna finds a tattered old book with the name Fantasea on the cover. As she starts to read about the main character, Lorenzo, a man washed ashore after a boating accident, she is hooked, and is magically drawn into the story.

Brianna knows it’s all make-believe, but quickly falls for the handsome stranger. With his quick wit and rugged good looks, it’s a fantasy come true, further proven by a night of mad, passionate love underneath the stars.

In the morning, a rescue team arrives on the island to whisk them to safety. Lorenzo is only too happy to continue their romance back among civilization, but Brianna believes that once they leave, the island magic that brought them together will disappear, and she will too.

For an excerpt, click here:

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~Ann Cory
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