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Thursday, May 03, 2007
Stella and Audra's Scavenger Hunt!
So Our Scavenger Hunt is up and ready to go! To participate , simply send the answers and found items to with "eververse hunt" in the subject.


  1. Give the Name of Feyd Nightly’s Mother
  2. Where was the original Crypt?
  3. What is the one tattoo that Fallon and Astrid have in common at the beginning of the Eververse series? (hint check out the profiles on the website)
  4. Give us the name of the 8th book in the series
  5. How old is Fallon?
  6. What kind of demon is Feyd Nightly?
  7. What’s the name of Cassiel (cash)’s race?
  8. Who owns Pinkys XXX?
  9. In the Djinn series, what does Janey Duvall do?
  10. What’s the name of the Last woman Nicodemus Marsh was wish-bound to?
  11. What kind of Snake is Reece Evans?
  12. How old is Remy Crane?
  13. What is the stone that Danica has on her collar in Blood on the Harvest Moon?
  14. Why is Malcolm Frost unique?
  15. What is the distinct characteristic of being an Ifrit?
  16. Who is the Archon of the Knossos West Compound in Shadow Heights?
  17. What’s the scientific classification for weresnake? (hint: Check the crypt Library)
  18. Where do Janey and Marsh call home?
  19. Ashlyn Co’Shott is what kind of demon?
  20. How long has Cash been exiled from the Afterverse?


  1. A picture of a green tree python curled around a branch
  2. picture of a snowflake
  3. Your favorite Stella and Audra cover
  4. The link for our review of Sugar and Sin at RORR
  5. A picture of Astrid’s Muse
  6. A picture of Arcady’s Muse
  7. A picture of a brindle bulldog
  8. The link for the company that makes the Astrid Candle
  9. Three scents from Body Confections that you think will be in future books
  10. The Planetary symbol for Earth
  11. A picture of the tarot Card the lovers from the Tarot of a Moon garden, the Witches Tarot and the Stella Tarot
  12. A goddess pentacle
  13. Picture of the Ugly Worm
  14. The link for Arcady Morrison’s myspace
  15. Tattoo of a star

Prizes: heres a list of goodies we will be giving…

    • A signed copy of Sugar and Sin
    • A pair of Silk and Steel Earrings
    • Promo goodies
    • A bottle of Essence of Fallon
    • Notepad of the Dragons book and the Djinn series
    • Candy
    • Downloads of our backlist
    • Cd’s of our backlist
    • Astrid Candle

Good Luck and enjoy!!!!!


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