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Saturday, May 05, 2007
We Have a WINNER! Pinpoint the City Contest
Vanna, the envelope please. And the winner is....

Rachel Morse! Congratulations!

For her suggestion of Long Beach, CA. Temperate weather, between 50 and 80 for most of the year. Two universities and a design college. Musems. Art scene. And a well-established, comfortable gay community.


I had a lot of wonderful suggestions and one, of course, I received a number of times. Three guesses? Yes, San Francisco. I think I need to explain why I couldn't pick what seems the most obvious city:

SF is one of my favorite places but, as my father pointed out, it is a character unto itself. It permeates any story set there, one can't help the environs and the flavor of the place sprouting up. I searched Aftermath desperately for any passages hinting at SF behind the scenery, so to speak, and I came up empty-handed.

Perhaps another story will find me there.

Rachel - I know you're out there somewhere. Email me the address to which you'd like your packet sent.

~ Angel Martinez
Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind

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