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Saturday, April 07, 2007
Little League Season is Starting!!!

It is the first week of April and yesterday driving home I caught a glimpse of a ballfield. In winter coats and knitted hats young boys and girls were standing in their designated positions around the ballfield. Parents stood huddled nearby. Coaches also stood by yelling out instructions.

It brought back the time when my late husband coached a LIttle League team called The Phillies for six years. This ensured in a way that our two sons played on a team. I also remember the cold March/April start of the year. One time in my oversized Emerald Green Buick Station Wagon I went to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and got hot cups of coffee for the coaches as snow fell and the young players stood out there in the same fashion waiting for instructions from their coaches.

A young member on my husband's team had an undeveloped hand and wore a much smaller sized baseball glove. He turned out to be a pretty good player. During that time a story germinated inside me, and I ended up creating a character, the young boy Brian who plays a starring role in my book No More Secrets, No More Lies.

A romance foremost, it is also a heart-warming tale of a young boy who overcomes such physical obstacles and enjoys doing what he most loves, in this case playing baseball.

My boys are grown. Right now it's soccer games with my granddaughters playing. The grandsons are a bit too young to participate but in another couple of years I will again be attending these Little League games...despite the weather.


Sydney Morgan, single mother, financial advisor, wants the best for her physically challenged son. Except when his biological father re-enters her life, she realizes the secrets and consequential lies she has forced her son to live with may destroy not only his trust but also his love.
When Grant Sinclair brings Sydney Morgan back into his fold, he soon discovers her long held secret. Will this secret end up destroying the yet fragile emotions that still exist between them as well as any possible future together as a family?

No More Secrets, No More Lies is now available
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