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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
A Reader's Opinion of Demon in the Basement...

There's nothing more encouraging than a fan and especially one who would not normally read the genre I write. Here's what mine said about Demon in the Basement:

"I just finished Demon in the Basement and really enjoyed it. It was a good story on both a fantasy level and erotic level. You did a fantastic job of creating a demon that is both repulsive and yet draws the reader in with sympathy for it." -Bret Jordan

Demon in the Basement is a dark erotic romance with an eccentric, quirky, stereotype-breaking heroine and a most unexpected hero. It began a long time ago, way before I tried to write erotic romance. I created Emme and wrote the first scene with her cleaning up her deceased father's basement. There she happens upon a demon, a treasure her father left behind, one of many things he tried to break. Then I realized the demon had the hots for Emme, and I balked. Wow wasn't that a strange idea, I thought. Best to put that away and try to write children's stories again.

It was not until several years later that I was lured to writing more explicit love scenes in my fantasy works, and I decided maybe this demonic relationship deserved a chance. To my surprise, Emme, the spider-fearing, pink fluffy slipper-wearing heroine had the hots for the demon too! Who'd have thought...

I hope you'll pick up your very own copy of my tale and discover love in a most unusual way. It's a tale of darkness and secrets, but most of all, it's a tale of the light of redemption.

Anastasia Rabiyah
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