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Thursday, November 08, 2007
After - coming soon from Forbidden Publications

The first book in the Journey of Twins series will be coming soon from FP. It's in the editing phase right now, but doesn't the cover look fantastic? Here's a short blurb:

After is a science fiction novel depicting what the world could be like if we're not careful. Drayco and Shyanne are twins who survive a virus that wipes out a large percentage of the Earth's population, only to watch all technological advances disappear. Unfortunately, the virus alters them in inconceivable ways. For one, it is manageable. For the other, it is a living nightmare.

They become separated, and, over time, begin looking for each other when the longing for family fills them. Upon finding one another, they learn that someone else is looking for them, as well. The Boss wants Shyanne badly. Why--they don't know--but they're going to find out.

With their animal companion, a genetically altered mountain lion named Drizzle, the twins embark on a cross-country journey. They encounter many obstacles along the way. The worst is a mercenary named Ruben. He will stop at nothing to accomplish what he is paid to do, even if it involves killing his own men. Unfortunately, he succeeds in getting Shyanne.

Now Drayco must survive his biggest challenge, a challenge filled with pain and suffering, if he is to help his sister survive the Boss.

Stayed tuned for further updates; I will post them when they become available. Until then, happy reading.

Janet Durbin
Author of Innocence Taken
Now Available at Forbidden Publications
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