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Saturday, November 17, 2007
Innocence Taken - Not Your Average Book

For those of you who like a book that makes you think; a book that makes you fully aware of your surroundings; a book that leaves you glad you're still alive--then this is the book for you. I must warn you, though, this book will leave you wondering who the killer is until the very end. So far, no one has guessed who it is. Will you be the one to finally accomplish what others have failed to do? Only time will tell....

Here is a blurb to tantalize you:

Nature Kranderson, a reclusive psychic, stumbles upon the work of a serial killer when she tries to locate a missing teen for her family. For some reason, the killers face remains shrouded. That has never happened before. She has always been able to ID them. It frustrates her, and makes her a little nervous. Unfortunately, she can see everything he does to the girls—every perverted detail—including a wire whisk used on one girl and a riding crop on another. He gets off keeping them naked and using them as often as possible before he becomes disenchanted. When that happens, death follows.

Nature joins forces with Sheriff Web Westerly and begins a cross-country journey that takes them to Florida. Another teenage girl is missing from the Brevard County area, and the police have asked for her help. They want to find the girl before anything happens to her. After they arrive, Nature discovers her disappearance has nothing to do with the 'Man', as she's dubbed the killer.

While in Florida, the police approach her about another missing girl. She was taken from a park near the beach and they suspect it may be the serial killer who has her. Nature confirms their suspicions. Afterwards, thinking her work is done, she gets ready to go home, back to Montana. Before that happens, she is called upon for another case in Daytona. The Man has struck again.

The news people catch wind of the missing girls. They learn of Nature's involvement and track her down, seeking an exclusive interview, flashing her face across the television screen once they locate her. Unfortunately, someone else is watching that day. A serial killer is looking for his next target, and he thinks he may have found her on the news.

(Warning: this book contains graphic sexual material and language. Everything a growing mind needs. lol)

Janet Durbin
Author of Innocence Taken
Now available at

A book that's scary in its realism, yet leaves you thankful it's only fiction...
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