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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Its just days away!
Well Audra, my sister, and I are beyond pleased to be part of this fantastic publisher and their opening week hijinx. We wont be published with them till the end of june, but dont think we are just going to sit on our laurels here and let everyone else have the fun! No way!

So during this celebration week, we will be giving away goodies to all you awsome people who have started making Fobridden Publications a success, and will fall in love with everyones writings and hopefully, FP will become your new obsession. I know we have a ton of awsome authors here, and it is just getting better... Rene has outdone herself finding some great authors!

So anyways, when we do get our release, expect a big blow out celebration and contest from us, so check for it. You will really love our snakes... i promise.

posted by Stella Price @ 11:40 AM  
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