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Sunday, July 09, 2006
its offical!
Sugar and Sin has a release date.. August 25th! woo hoo! im so damn tickled its frightening. So well be haivng a month long celebration for the Book, at our group Eververse, and some other places including the Pink Posse! Our streat teams are going to be busy busy busy! So if your a fan of our work and wanna help out Email me at and well see what we can do.

For the released we will be giving away a HUGE gift pack, with an eververse T shirt, bug, mousepad, pins and other stuff, most from cafe Press. its going to be a good time... And oh yeah, did i mention i get to do print arcs? *squee!* heh so thats going to be hella fun!

So off to finish book two... its almost done and we know your going to love it!

Stella and Audra
posted by Stella Price @ 4:31 AM  
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