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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Cheaters: Robert's Revelation

Here it is, my first cover! Isn't it wonderful?

Cheaters: Robert's Revelation

Robert is an editor in a rut. He's been trapped in his relationship for years--afraid to leave because of the repercussions. Finally, the time has come for him--with the help of this neighbor--to fully explore some of his hidden desires.


I stood still. Transfixed. I knew this was wrong, but I couldn't make my legs move.

"I want you inside me, Rob. I want you to fuck me." He undid the button on his jeans and slowly unzipped his fly. Tight, black briefs appeared. They did nothing to hide the massive erection protruding up from his crotch. He kicked his sandals off and slid the jeans off his body. "Take off your shirt, Rob."

I didn't object; I lifted the tank top off quickly, tossing it on the table beside me. "Ben, my wife can never know."

"I'll never tell," Ben whispered. He grabbed me by the waist, hauled me into his arms, and kissed me. His tongue forced its way into my mouth, exploring hungrily. His hands, moving up and down my back, my sides, my chest. He slid his hand in my pants, grabbed my hardening dick by the shaft and squeezed lightly.

I moaned. Kissing him back harder, stronger. Wanting to feel his tongue on mine, his lips on mine. I grabbed his ass, testing the firmness in my hands. It was unbelievably tight.

"You want that ass don't you, Rob?"

You know you want to read what happens next...

Coming 9/8/2006
posted by Tommy and Jennifer @ 8:22 AM  
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