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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Dark Authors
Dark Authors

YES!!My cheeky monkies have come shining through for me...of course this means we are also in competition to get into the Anthology book but you know sommat, I know we'll both get in! ;)'Wallpaper' was only ever going to be a small piece, a between projects filler. It evolved in a way I hadn't expected. It was fun too!A boring ordinary man is suffering from a most incredible problem, when he awakes each morning he finds the wallpaper in his room has been moved round, a distinctively water marked piece goes from behind him when he gets into bed, to in front of him each morning when he gets up.He sees nothing and hears nothing.Does he really believe what's happening? What would happen if he did, would that mean he was mad?WHAT IF IT WAS HAPPENING???Amazing, I love it myself, you'll get a kick out of it. Promise.

Stella + Audra = x
I know I am an idiot - I am just learning how to use this bloody thing! RARATJUHKJH!
The name I registered for this blog because I couldn't remember my other is no longer recognised...pah.
But this one works 0 )
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