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Sunday, August 06, 2006
The Heat is rising!
September Heat is coming!

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Rose St. Johns is getting kicked out of New York, trying to stay one step ahead of an overzealous fan that the police and her agent aren't above labeling stalker, although the last place she would expect them to send her is Las Vegas.

Furious with her situation, fear is something she is slow to admit to. But circumstances don't allow her to be ambivalent for long when she is tracked to her hideaway. Her only hope lies in a man she knew as a boy, whose secrets could be dangerous, and are his alone.

Available September 1st!
There will be contests, chats and
free stuff everywhere as
I celebrate my newest release!

Please come and join me!

Come and chat with me on September 1st at!
8pm cst/9pm est

Check back frequently for further information
on my contest and when and where you
can win a free download of this book!

Are you ready for the heat?
posted by Diana Castilleja @ 7:45 AM  
  • At 8:13 AM, Blogger Witness Online said…

    This is some mega hot stuff!
    I can't write thrillers :)
    I see this blurb knocking about though, you sure do some mileage!


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