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Monday, July 17, 2006
Coming in 2007: Moonrunner
I am taking a break from deadline hell to show off the new cover for Moonrunner. It was originally going to be an erotic serial of the adventures of Megan Keyes, but then I decided to make a change in plotline and write it like a mainstream Urban Fantasy. (Think Anita Blake in style.) So, new plotline, different pen name, new cover...

Marie Bellevaux
Urban Fantasy/Werewolf & vampire (mainstream)
Coming 2007
Forbidden Publications
Length: Novel

Megan Keyes was much more than she let on. She was a woman of secrets, more than any would suspect. Bitten by a werewolf when she was a teenager, she had become a participant in an ancient war. With the darkness of night, she used her special senses to become Moonrunner, a vampire slayer.

After a failed battle with vampire master, Claude Renaux, Megan is reassigned by her superiors. However, Claude is not so easily forgotten...nor will he ever allow Megan to forget him. The battle lines become blurred as Megan and Claude discover they are destined to be much more than mere enemies. And only by joining together can they vanquish an evil that could destroy them all.
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