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Sunday, January 28, 2007
I'm Still Knitting ----
The other day I went to Michael's Craft Store as they were having a sale on yarn. Now for those who knit or crochet or work with yarns you will know what I'm talking about when I say yarn is not just yarn anymore. I went literally bananas inside that store. My granddaughters and daughter-inlaw were with me. They could not get over how much yarn I bought. We now have ribbon yarns, and fun fir yarns, and mohair yarns, and yarns with nubby textures, and soft as angel silk textures, and yarns that sparkle in silver, red, and gold. I can go on and on. While there I met two women who shared the same passion especially for making scarves. We found as we compared our favorite knitting instructions that combining different textures of yarn produces wonderful accessories in terms of these knitted scarves.

And so I decided it would be fun to knit scarves and present them as prizes. And that's what I have done. All you have to do is go to my website to read the details. Basically, I'm giving away a free handmade knitted scarf done up in one of these wonderfully textures yarns every Sunday night starting February 4, 2007 (next week.) To win just email me the receipt received from ordering one of my books. That's all! Email it to me by Sunday night. Monday or very soon after I will send draw a winning name from those that email me for that particular Sunday. And so after will contact the winner and mail out the scarf. if the weather is anything like it is here (subfreezing) believe me that knitted scarf will feel wonderful around your neck.

Sooo what are you waiting for? After perusing through all the wonderful posts here, simply go to my site: and click on the Link for Contests.

Meantime, for all those experiencing subfreezing temps --- stay warm!!!!
posted by Collette Thomas @ 10:31 AM  
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