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Friday, March 16, 2007
Great reviews for Drinyian by Ann Cory!

Dare to deny the God of Seduction?

Artist Jaden has always been fascinated with drawing portraits of Gods. Their power, masculinity, and history fuel her muse. One God in particular, Drinyian, the God of seduction, captures her fancy. When she sketches his picture with such realism, Jaden swears she can feel him. Darkness comes and she awakens in a palace with Drinyian himself asking her to dance.

Drinyian has been waiting years for Jaden to return, and asks her to be his bride. He promises her a life of pleasure and happiness, in the hope that someday she will remember they shared a lifetime before.

Jaden must choose between a world she was once part of but has forgotten, and a world she would soon forget.


5 Lips from TwoLips Reviews

Driniyan, as always, is a masterpiece from the marvelous Ann Cory...blend of Gothic, medieval, and modern with touches of BDSM and love lost, found, and lost again will surely appeal to any reader seeking a touching and revealing story.~Reviewer FrostRead full review

4.5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies

"...delightful read from an author who excels at creating romantic and sensual stories-usually with a spicy edge. DRINYIAN's imagery is presented in such a way to make you forget you are reading."Reviewer - Zoe Knighton

Drinyian available now from Forbidden Publications:

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