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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Marissa's NEW Covers

WOO HOO!! I got more new covers... LOL. DJ did an outrageous job!! There are still two more to be posted on the site, but I have to wait till they have the FP banner before I can show them off. Would you like some blurbs to go with these covers? Whew, I was hoping you would say yes... LOL.
ACCIDENTS HAPPEN - When Marti’s best friend suddenly dies, a series of “accidental deaths” rise from the ashes. Jen was an Investigative Reporter sticking her nose where it didn’t belong, but now Marti has to finish what her friend started. But Jen didn't have the support that Marti had.
Jorge was an informant on the inside of the crime ring, his ear low to the ground. He didn't ask for much in exchange for information, just a quick tumble or two.
Eddie was still on the force and he was a great friend besides who liked to raid her fridge and whatever else happened to be laying around, including Marti herself. But as the clues start building, how does Marti console herself with her two men? One is supposed to be the bad guy, and the other is supposed to be the hero. Where will Marti go when Accidents Happen?
BLACK WIDOW 3 - Despite the nightmare that continues to haunt her, Reyna gets another assignment from Viper. Identical twins Greg and Ken have been mischievous devils since they were in grade school. As they got older the mischief became more sinister. They devised a fool proof plan to get laid. One would talk to the hot chic at the bar while the other would slip something in her drink, then they would take her to their room and have their way with her. However, they fucked with the wrong girl one night and now daddy wants BW to take his revenge.
ACE IN THE HOLE - Peter Ivery is a smuggler and supplier of drugs and alcohol. His cover is a small golf shop and mini-golf range located in a small town of central Alabama. He’s been getting careless and greedy. His ex-fiancé (Jackie Brent) sells him out to the government because he refuses to pay his child support, but she feels they are too slow and would not handle it correctly (she would love to see him dead) so she also places a call to ‘Lone Wolf’. Marisol and Michael’s paths cross once again, “we’ve got to stop meeting like this.” Oh how the sparks will fly!!
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