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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
I wanted to come share that my four book wolf shifter series has been contracted by Forbidden! Yay!

Okay, okay... I have contracts for two, but Rene liked the series idea, so unless they turn all Jekyll and Hyde on me, all of 'em are going to be published with FP. :D

I don't have much to share but I do have blurbs for the individual books. Wanna see? Good! LOL I like to share.. *wink*

Here they are:

Four Stories of the Aiza family.

Book One Trusting Delilah: Roman Aiza is the second son born into a set of quadruplets. All four share a unique family secret: they are the last known bloodline of an ancient family, one that gives them the ability to shapeshift at will into the form of a wolf.

Roman has his hands full when he follows a trespasser into the depths of the Cassel residence, on the night of Cindy Cassel’s eighteenth birthday party. The trespasser ends up being a woman who shows no fear and tells him absolutely nothing before she manages to walk right out of his hands.

After a week of trying to uncover who the mysterious woman could be, Cindy is kidnapped and he must trust the very woman he has no reason to trust at all.

Book Two A Trust Earned: Selene Aiza is the youngest daughter. A very compassionate woman by nature, and fiercely protective of those she cares for. She is a renowned doctor but prefers the wild country of western Oregon and the secluded hospital where she can help the people who truly need her assistance. And in the depths of those wooded wilds she can keep her secrets well hidden.

She is safe until the man she encounters on the trails of the Sisters in the Oregon wilderness returns to the small town of Bend as the hospital’s first choice as co-administrator. Her secrets and her very life fall into jeopardy, and only he can save her. He could also destroy her.

Book Three Pending Title: Brooke has another secret, beyond the family’s. She has an ability to grasp the arcane and with training from their beloved and eccentric aunt, learned to control this talent. When her brother-in-law arrives for an unexpected visit, the life and love she thought she would be denied rears up and forces reality into a glaring light.

Through his devotion, she will find her greatest strength, and fight the battle of her life. A sacrifice of the heart is the only way to save the entire family.

Book Four Pending Title: Morgan is the oldest. He would kill or die for the pack, yet when his fate comes to call, she is even less willing than he.

Trouble is hounding him, and evil is stalking her. From the gates of the Renaissance Faire where Morgan is granted an honorable knighthood, to the very doors of the family they are stalked by an unknown danger. To survive, and to acknowledge the deepest commitment either have known, they are going to have to face the ultimate good versus evil struggle. Together.

I can tell you that these fall into the sweet to sensual levels and are light suspense. The third book has a light magic touch. Couldn't have them ALL doing the same thing... How Borr-ring. LOL

I hope you enjoy them! I enjoyed writing them for you. :)

For more information, be sure to stop by my site. I update about once a week with info, and snippets.
posted by Diana Castilleja @ 8:56 PM  
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