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Friday, March 16, 2007
Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm is here!! I'm sooo very excited about this story. I hope everyone loves Stephanie and Luc as much as I do! They were really fun characters to write. To make things even more fun, I have TWO contests going on at my blog. Go to for details. You can win either a 25 dollar gift card for Barnes and Noble or Bath and Body works as well as a chance to win a free download of Weathering the Storm...
Here's the blurb
She’s tough, stubborn, and hard to get along withHe’s a cocky, flirtatious, ladies man.Together they’re combustible in more ways than one.Tomboy carpenter Stephanie Bridges hates going to the hardware store. Scratch that, she loves the store, but despised the owner, her ex-boyfriend, Lucas Carr. The man angers her to no end, yet her hormones don’t get it. She still wants him. Badly.Lucas Carr may be a flirt, but there is only one woman who holds his heart, Stephanie. Too bad she’s too stubborn to really hear what he so often tries to say.Today, Stephanie’s hormones aren’t the only thing that’s raging. There is a monster storm coming into town. The storm forces Luc and Stephanie to take shelter in his hardware store. Being trapped in the store, they have plenty of time to enjoy each others company. That is if they can stop fighting long enough to give in to the desire still between them.
Kelley Vitollo

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