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Sunday, June 29, 2008
Independence Is Coming - Let The Fireworks Begin!
Independence is coming! Arriving just over a brilliant rainbow of tomorrow!!

Free yourself from the chains of conformity. Let the sun carry you beyond the horizon of what's unseen and onto a plateau of what could be possible. Sometimes life may throw us all a few curve balls. It's the person who takes the chance and stands up at bat that can swing for the fences. We may strike out a lot. (I know I have) But, you won't know if you're an MVP (Mega Valuable Person) if you don't step up to the plate of life's choices. (Look at me, I'm a published author. And, I wouldn't be writing on this blog, if I didn't take that fateful swing!!)

Flick of an eyelash, or twist of a curl around a manicured finger can bring a firefly into one's world. On the other hand, a smile from a muscular maestro can bring an orchestration of orgasmic flourish. Pair of players in passion's board game find themselves together for a brief encounter of ecstasy. Essence of a bond, doesn't need to be measured by years and years. But, by flirty laughter and joy filled tears.

Waves roll over sweet flesh, as "STROKING SAHARA" takes you away from the daily boredom of our existence. Roll the dice and take that excursion beyond rising gas prices, inflation, and all the other problems that engulf all of us.

Sway yourselves over to and begin the dance of desire.

Take The Reins Of Your Life & Embrace Your Destiny !!!!

A.H. Scott
posted by A.H. Scott @ 8:55 AM  
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