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Sunday, July 09, 2006
New author with Forbidden
Hi, all!

I'm new with Forbidden Publishing, but I've been around the publishing scene for quite some time. My BBW romance, Not Her Mr. Right, is a contemporary romance. Here is a brief blurb to give a taste of what is to come.

Emma Slade hasn’t met her Mr. Right yet, and being a voluptuous woman, she believes her options are limited. So she decides it’s time to settle for Mr. Okay, and come hell or high water, she was going to find him. Then a motorcycle-riding lawyer comes riding into her hometown, and her plans go awry. Of course, he’d never have anything to do with her…at least that’s what she thinks. But the more she pushes Jake Ryder, the harder he pushes back.

Jake has always been partial to women with curves a man can hold onto, and the moment he sees Emma Slade, his partiality becomes a magnet. He wants her, plain and simple. Yeah, he was only supposed to watch her, make sure she stays out of trouble, but if she gets into any, he wants to be right there with her.

I look forward to working with each of you.

Rachel Carrington
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