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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Romance By Mistake - Available Now!


Reality TV didn’t see her coming—neither did he!

Reeve Huntington didn’t see the spunky beauty coming, but as soon as he laid eyes on her, he knew she was the one. He is only TV’s hottest bachelor, and his twin friends don’t like her. Of course, the whole matter of the contestants is a slight problem. So what’s a guy to do away from the circus of TV? Get Marina to be part of his reality.

Marina Carzelli had a normal, almost boring life. Of course, having an eccentric one of a kind shop and drag queens for friends can take the doldrums away. She was single, a great mom then it happened, one slippery spot on the mall floor, one cup of coffee, a set of twins and—Him! Reeve is hunky, but can she give her heart to a man that is marrying someone else on the whim of chance, or would their romance be a mistake?


“Oh, this isn’t funny,” a very stunned Luke groaned from the living room. “Who would have known? Did you know?”

“I swear on my Marilyn Monroe wig I had no idea,” Divinity mused in surprise.

Marina picked up the bowl in one hand and grabbed the wine glass she had set down moments earlier up in the other. “What are you girls rattling about?”

Silence. Neither Luke nor Divinity said anything, just had horrified looks on their faces as Marina walked into the living room. They stared from the TV to Marina and back again. This was not a good sign.

Marina turned and looked at the television just as a famous host from several reality TV shows came on. “So tell me, Reeve, are you ready to trust your marital status to your friends, and viewers everywhere?”

Marina turned to Divinity and Luke. “Tell me I just did not hear that? Some guy is letting his two friends and TV viewers pick his wife? I thought the bachelor reality shows were a way of the past. Is this guy misfortunate-looking or something?”

“No, actually darling, he is quite handsome and is very rich. His family owns those Hunt’s gas bars all over the US and his family is sponsoring the show.” Divinity had the strangest look on her face.

What are they not telling me?

“I have the up most faith,” a sexy and smooth voice replied to the question. There was something strangely familiar about it.

“We just want her to make Reeve happy, right Trey?” The voice had her mind reel in reaction. It was the same voice that had echoed in her mind in the middle of the busy mall this morning. She wheeled around to face the TV. Wine spilled out of her glass and she didn’t care as she focused on the face of one of the twins.

“That’s right, Kyle. Reeve’s happiness is the most important thing here.” It was the other twin.

“No!” Marina breathed out in shock.

“Reeve, you’re pretty lucky to have such good friends,” the famous host said with a laugh.

“Aren’t I, though?” replied the man of the moment. Her jaw dropped and the hand holding the popcorn went limp. It was the sexy man who had gone without a shirt in her store.

“So, Reeve, how does it feel to be the most sought after bachelor?” the host asked. At the same time, the popcorn bowl hit the soft, dark carpet of the living room.

Marina, darling, are you okay, love?” Divinity sounded a little worried.

She turned and looked at her two friends. Not only had she had a disaster in the mall with one of the best looking men she had seen in awhile, she had dumped her “double espresso” caramel macchiato over a hot eligible bachelor celebrity. “Oh dear, Divinity, I had no idea.” Marina breathed—or at least forced her lungs to inhale and exhale. The comment one of the twins had made earlier about having to go through them suddenly made sense.

“So, Reeve, anything exciting happen to you while you were going through the auditioning process?”

“He actually had a blonde trip him and cover him in coffee at the mall today,” one of the twins confided. “It’s pretty surprising what some desperate women will do.”

The little blue print in the left hand corner of the screen said, “Live”. Her stomach flipped. She had just been publicly humiliated.

The mall had been busy; there were witnesses.

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