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Monday, July 10, 2006
Trent is HERE!!! I MADE IT BABY!!!
As a new author I have learned that having a book published is a lottt of work. Much More than writing and coming up with all types of crazy ideals as far as promoting, and word of mouth advertising.
All the Shit to the side.... My new Book "Stranger to THA Game is Coming SOON!!! And I personally assure you will be swept off your feet by the realness of everyday life and the bullshit that comes with it. You will be carried into the action scene by scene.. and story by story. Don't get trapped inside because "Desperate" my second book will be released Soon Also, and I assure you want to be there when it's released. Then you can join me as I take you on a Journey. With Exclusive Book Signings, and V.I.P. Parties to celebrate what's happening and what's next to come. Also, My upcoming book "Bossy" Will place you in the life of a naughty boss lady. Where sleeping with one of the attorney's at her firm will be told like a fairytale that turns deadly... Licking, Sucking, Rubbing, Caressing, Massaging, Relaxing, Soothing, Get right to it Butt Naked Action on the KITCHEN FLOOR DOn't go home until yo baby mo....; Stay tunned for more.... And Remember Love yourSelf Before someone takes the 1 love that reallly counts. Life is changing, be a part of that CHANGE!!!! Feel free to contact me ( for I am the Love DOCtor!!! Yeaaa!!!
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