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Monday, July 10, 2006
A Montana author...

Just thought I would stop by and drop a message. Being signed with Forbidden is just what the doctored ordered and it is fitting into my plans nicely.

A little about Star'Leen: Rise of the Father's Son, this is the first book in the E'Mor's Romance series. I have seven altogether planned, but we will see how it goes. This series is based off of a series of novels that I'm currently working on titles The Knightbird series.

Book one of that series is currently out, The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight. Book two, The Daysong of the Knightbird is going to be out at the beginning of next year. These novels are about a young prince from another world, but on earth he goes by Jesse Knight. It is about his departure from his world before a war and his return to a world rebuilding itself. He goes on to search for the answers to the true mysteries that define who and what he is. This is the search for the meaning of the Knightbird.

E'Mor's Romance is my first attempt at writing romance. It is a shy subject to me and not highly used in The Knightbird series. So here it is in all its glory and in the series that is for it alone. E'Mor's Romance is for the stories that are found back behind the The Knightbird series, some are a little more seen then others. Star'Leen was the first lover Jesse Knight's father, King E'Mor, would have. The next story is simply title (for right now), Donni. I reworked the story just alittle for a couple a school mates that found love late in life (20 years after graduation). I'm hoping to have this ready by Halloween.

I'm sorry that I have babbled on and I promised myself this was going to be a short blog.

Love to all... Laurlee
posted by Laurlee Harbig @ 9:27 PM  
  • At 6:00 AM, Blogger Jamie Hill said…

    Hey Montana! You didn't blab, you sounded good! Your websites are fab, too, so everyone take a moment to go visit!

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