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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Behind the scenes
"Echoes of a past injustice can never fade when history is destined to repeat itself."

A tragic history haunts Calloway Cove. Three deaths~ one man, his son and the woman they both loved~ all lost to the sea. Yet the official accounts don’t ring true to either Leena or her future father-in-law, Cole Savage, both of whom witness the eerie apparition of a weeping woman with blood on her hands.

Together they begin to unravel the mysteries behind the enduring love of a woman, callously dubbed The Seagrass Whore, and discover shocking truths that had remained untold for decades. But by discovering the past they come face to face with the realization their growing affections reflect what once was~ and that the consequences could be just as dire.

Behind the scene... or the book...
"Where do you get these ideas?" my husband asks after he has read my book.
Difficult to explain, except I grew up near fishing communities in Nova Scotia- a place rich in superstition, ghost stories and oddly named fishing boats! The Seagrass Whore- the name of a fishing boat- a scandalous love triangle- a mysterious death and the haunting of The Gray Lady-a small community of 'simple' folk who were shocked by anything perceived as unnatural... well, it all seemed too exciting a mixture to pass up.
So I took all these ingredients, combined a past myth with modern day drama and voila! I got The Seagrass Whore.
I suppose in some ways I could have introduced this book as "based on a true story". Although- the love scenes, well... no, on second thought we'll stick with "based on a true story"!!
posted by Mary Ellen Ashman @ 9:16 PM  
  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger sjwilling said…

    Ideas are funny things aren't they. Sometimes there's a scene you get which you just know has to be made into a novel, Sometimes it's just a plot element, and even, occasionally a nifty sounding title which can develop into 100k words.

    Ideas and their origins have always fascinated me.


  • At 10:23 PM, Blogger sjwilling said…

    Sigh, try again.

    I tried to post.... :)

    Ideas are fascinating in how they come about, Sometimes it's just a scene that just has to be made into a novel, or a plot element or even a really nifty title that comes to mind and you have to make a story to fit.

    Ideas and their origins have always fascinated me.


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