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Monday, March 24, 2008
A Black Stallion Called Thunder!

I am seriously thinking about taking up horseback riding lessons. The days are longer, and hopefully the weather will improve and bring warmer days. I'd like to try it again although the last time I was on the back of a horse, let's just say it is longer than I care to admit.

Currently, I'm working on a story involving cowboys...and horses for a special anthology. I've never yet written a cowboy story per se but it occurred to me that my hero in Hot Sex with a Stranger is a cowboy, well more or less as he does wear the ten gallon hat right off in the first scene where the hero and heroine meet. And he does get to ride a horse!

In the story he rides a very independent black stallion named Thunder. So you see Thunder for those who have read this story was never a figment of my imagination. He did at one point exist in time, though I'm sure he's now where all horses go after they've lived their lives here on this earth.

Thunder took up enough time from my life--2 hours -- and let me know and question whether I would ever want to get on the back of a horse again! And considering how many years this has been since I've ridden Thunder through the back trails of Litchfield County, I think the answer up to now was probably not.

But enough time has passed that now I'm reconsidering and becoming more positive about trying horseback riding in a time of my life where such decisions aren't easily made.

Thunder was the lead horse at Lee Stables. Why they ever put me on the back of that horse I'll never know. At five feet and at the time slightly over a hundred pounds, I don't think we were a very good match.

Unfamiliar with reins, and stirrups, and sitting on a saddle that my legs barely got around, Thunder pretty much had his way with me in terms of doing what he wanted to do, specifically to be at the very 'head' of the lineup of us amateur riders. And since I was the last one to mount a horse that day, that meant Thunder having to gallop full speed ahead in order to get into the position where he felt he should be--namely in front! My twin sister on the other had been given a multi colored horse named Pokey, who as described in my story Hot Sex with a Stranger pretty much lived up to that name.

The other day driving home I spotted a sign "Riding Lessons." I looked up the hill and saw the corrals and grazing horses. I thought. Maybe just maybe this summer my granddaughter and I will look into taking riding lessons together.

Either that or I'll just create another story featuring a horse called Thunder. And along with that a very sexy cowboy who gets to ride this very independent black stallion.

Collette Thomas
Hot Sex with a Stranger at Forbidden Publications
posted by Collette Thomas @ 1:06 PM  
  • At 3:10 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Hilarious story about Thunder, Collette/Marie. I have some stories about horses I could share. Mine was a quarter horse named Spirit, and I had to decide between him and my new husband. The dh won. lol


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