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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Is Good Enough, Good Enough?
In this post and the previous one, I have added my favorite two photos.

The first defines why I write. "The Princess Faerie", her beauty and finesse, her unabashed femininity and her mystical ties to the world of humans lead the mind to seek out the story within and let imagination soar.

This one, "Pandora's Box", is life as it happens. The photo depicts a woman opening the box and unleashing every spirit, both good and bad, into the unsuspecting world. One could be made with a male 'Adonis' type doing the exact same thing. The male version would come closer to accuracy in real life!

These photos, and many others that touch on the mysterious world of fantasy, are my escape; my way of challenging myself to create. If I look at, or hear a beautiful composition, images get trapped in my head. The images lead to .....

Aw Hell! Let's get real here. I have dreams, and the dreams are stories that invade my life. If I don't write them and purge the story from my dreams, I end up a year later with an unfinished story and that is totally unacceptable to my muse. Oh yes, I do have one, or more .... one day I gotta find out for sure.
I think she, or they, live in the closet I have turned into a bookself. I never see her, or them, but I feel the presence.

Believe it or not, I have 17 unfinished stories on my hard drive in various states of completion. From time to time, I will be at my computer and I hear (I don't really know if I actually hear it) this voice that leads me into a frenzy of typing. Perhaps it's my inner self that has finally worked out a tough chapter or just the characters themselves deciding it's time to get on with the story. I really don't know how it happens, but it feels good when it does. And when I finish one .... WOW!

Then the fun starts; I edit! First draft, second draft and I sit with the best I have hiding on my hard drive for a couple of weeks procrastinating and worrying if it's GOOD ENOUGH. I re-read and tweek portions and still I procrastinate. Eventually though I get the courage to submit. I relax after that. For me, it's the best I have and if a publisher agrees to accept it, I know I will receive the help I need to make "GOOD ENOUGH" even BETTER!

I'm A.C. Croom and I write!
posted by A.C. Croom @ 8:26 PM  
  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Hi A.C.,

    Sometimes, I write like that, especially if something is perking in my brain, and I can't quite figure it out. The words, the ideas, all come in their time. Putting them down on paper is the toughest part.


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