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Monday, June 25, 2007
Summer has arrived!

The photo is of Kent Falls here in Connecticut. This is a great place to go to simply unwind or get inspired. I was here a few weeks ago. I'm always amazed at the stories that can come to mind whenever I take the time to simply vegge out. I suddenly knew I had to tell Adrienne and Art's full story. (You're asking who the heck is Adrienne and Art????)

Let's just say Adrienne and Art make an unforgettable too short debut in the first story. Anyone who has not yet read Hot Sex with a Stranger: A Case of Mistaken Identity, will get a jump on yourselves by ordering.

You can find Hot Sex with a Stranger at Forbidden

Collette Thomas
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Saturday, June 23, 2007
The Bird Is Flying Now!

The month of June has been magical for me. In addition to celebrating my 39th wedding anniversary on the 15th, five days earlier I received a letter (email) of acceptance from Forbidden for my Mid-Category conclusion to Kate's Song. "Awakening" is the working title and I am so very glad to be part of this fantastic family of writers again.

Here's the blurb!

Kate's Song: Awakening

Kate Kitchens' expectations for a lasting romance have faded. After three months of flash and flame, she finds herself cast adrift amidst doubt and confusion. The discovery that her lover is playing the field with a hated rival turns Kate's world upside down. More and more she finds a lasting relationship just beyond her reach.

Recovering from an automobile accident Kate faces another problem. The rival her ex-boyfriend chose over her brings violence into Kate's home with Vicky Campbell as her victim. With trust gone Kate sends both her ex-boyfriend and his new lover packing for good.

In a burst of honesty, Vicky's sexual orientation and inner feelings are exposed. Vicky is unwilling to force herself on a friend and starts plans to move away so Kate can pursue a "normal" life. This starts a chain of events that lead Kate and Vicky into each others arms and begins the journey to discovering the truth of "True Love Ways"; Kate's Song.

Behind the scenes, people and events are shaping themselves into more twists and turns for Kate. Some she must face immediately, others, she has no idea are in her future.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
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Wishing for a Wet and Wild Summer?
Then I suggest you check out the Wet and wild series on July 1st. Looking for something different? Something new? How do you feel about Beavers? Yes you heard me Beavers. Your intrigued now aren't you? So why not just give in to that curiosity?

Keep an eye out for these fantastic books by 3 very talented authoresses. hehe

Wet and Wild: Lifemates by ALine de Chevigny

Wet and Wild: Courting Damnation by Piper Evyns

Wet and Wild: Three of Hearts by Elena Croft

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Saturday, June 16, 2007
Author Diana Castilleja Newsletter - Subscribers Wanted!
Hey all!

I'm relaunching my Newsletter! After almost a year, I'm getting it back up and running.
It will be a once a month update on what's going on, my latest news, contests and other
weirdness. Lots of weirdness

All you have to is sign onto my Yahoo News Group. Yep that's it! No tricks, and no spam.
I have it set up as a newsletter distribution file on one of my email accounts, so after you
sign up, that's it. But if you want to catch the occasional info and spontaneous announcments,
you won't miss any of it!

So come and hang out with me for the latest!

Diana Castilleja
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Jamie Hill's June News
A new acceptance this week to cheer about! Dealing With Isabella has been accepted by Forbidden Publications. Release date late 2007, early 2008. This one is a steamy paranormal m/f, and hot, hot, hot!!!

Jason Walden is drawn to the mansion sitting high on a hill in West Seattle , and even more drawn to the house's beautiful owner. Sabrina Kane is gorgeous but seems uptight and straight-laced. Her twin sister, Isabella, is equally beautiful but exactly the opposite, foot-loose and fancy-free.

The quiet twin captures Jason's interest, and as he paints their mansion on canvas, he imagines building a life with Sabrina. As details from her past emerge, he discovers before he can move forward with her, first he must handle Dealing with Isabella…

For more Simply Irresistible news, subscribe to my monthly, no chat newsletter:
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