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Thursday, July 20, 2006
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
I'm on the authors list....
I am so excited I'm on the list of authors for the Forbidden Authors blog that I decided to post and introduce myself. My name is Kelley and I contracted a story for the forbidden delights line called, Dream Man. I don't have a realease date yet, but I'm so excited all the same. I cant wait to see my name on a book cover. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. I just recently started writing romances but I feel in my heart it is what I'm meant to do! I am so happy to be a part of Forbidden Publications!
posted by Kelley Nyrae @ 4:34 PM   1 comments
Monday, July 17, 2006
Ice Cream In The Snow scores at Romance Junkies!
Romance Junkies has spoken! And they loved Brick and Jessica! 4.5 ribbons!!!

"ICE CREAM IN THE SNOW is a great romantic story. It is filled with suspense and drama. The interaction between mother and son is great. The characters are great."

Read the full review :: Review

It pays to surf the 'net at midnight, I guess. ;)
posted by Diana Castilleja @ 11:35 PM   0 comments
Coming in 2007: Moonrunner
I am taking a break from deadline hell to show off the new cover for Moonrunner. It was originally going to be an erotic serial of the adventures of Megan Keyes, but then I decided to make a change in plotline and write it like a mainstream Urban Fantasy. (Think Anita Blake in style.) So, new plotline, different pen name, new cover...

Marie Bellevaux
Urban Fantasy/Werewolf & vampire (mainstream)
Coming 2007
Forbidden Publications
Length: Novel

Megan Keyes was much more than she let on. She was a woman of secrets, more than any would suspect. Bitten by a werewolf when she was a teenager, she had become a participant in an ancient war. With the darkness of night, she used her special senses to become Moonrunner, a vampire slayer.

After a failed battle with vampire master, Claude Renaux, Megan is reassigned by her superiors. However, Claude is not so easily forgotten...nor will he ever allow Megan to forget him. The battle lines become blurred as Megan and Claude discover they are destined to be much more than mere enemies. And only by joining together can they vanquish an evil that could destroy them all.
posted by Mari @ 8:27 PM   1 comments
And for those of you who want two days for fantastic excerpts...

This Friday, July 21st come and hangout with some of your favorite authors for fun, excerpts and a lot of great surprises!

When: July 21st 2006 ALL DAY (midnight to midnight)

Where: Http:// 

What: multiple author excerpts, q and a, giveaways and goodies galore

So come and hangout, get to know some new authors and fill up your summer reading list!

Authors! If you would like to participate, simply join the group. No RSVP needed!

We look foward to seeing each and every single one of you!

posted by Stella Price @ 5:40 AM   1 comments
Friday, July 14, 2006
Hi, guys.

It's me, Thom Jaymes. It's a great honor to join all of you at Forbidden Publications! If you'd like to learn more about me--or my writing--please check out my blog.

I just wanted to introduce myself.

posted by Tommy and Jennifer @ 10:27 AM   1 comments
Kids screaming...
...teens fighting, bills coming signing tomorrow, three reviews coming out...agents wanting manuscripts...
and somehow, I have to get into 'erotica writing space'. Hmm. Not sure how I'm supposed to do that exactly. I'ts 9 am. Too early for wine (and let's face it, wine gets me excited for BED, not anything else--yeah, I'm old...) SO how does one get into the mood? Especially if you dont have a partner that can help you get in the mood? Food for thought....
posted by JulieAnn @ 8:51 AM   2 comments
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
FP newbie here
Hi everyone, I'm Kis Lee, one of the newbie authors joining FP. My story "Her Lopsided Sweater" was one of the winners of the Forbidden Visions contest. "Her Lopsided Sweater" is a noir erotica involving hot sex, edgy characters, and a tough guy who can't say no to a beautiful woman.

I started my erotica career by posting stories on This year I decided I should get paid for my work. (what a concept, huh?) You can read more about me on my blog: I'm excited to be a part of the FP team, and I look forward to working with everyone.

Write on,
Kis Lee
posted by Kis Lee @ 6:52 PM   0 comments
Coupe on contract

OK so its time to tell the world that Jackie Coupe, shy and retiring ex-wallflower is here!!!
Hello to all of you here, my heartfelt hello and thanks, (x), to Stella and Audra Price, (my cheeky monkies), and Rene, thanks for making this possible, it's been a blast.
My first two novels were self-publish, now the first novel is getting the FP treatment after good market sales...I can't wait!
Validation is just desserts.
I feel like this is the beginning of something big, getting officially published is a very big deal to me and has been my ambition for as far back as I can remember.
I work in a call centre full-time and aside from that I write, play on my Playstation 2 and PSP, LocoRoco is ruining my life goddamn those chirpy little blobs! I enjoy Asian horror films and Cher is my all time favourite singer.
If you on myspace please add me...sniff, I get lonely. If you want a link of my webpages I will proudly display a banner there for you.
In closing...hiya Forbidden, this looks like its going to be fun...;)

I'm on here too apparently - must have done that in my sleep but come along, I'll get it updated sharpish!

posted by Acehole @ 10:09 AM   1 comments
Monday, July 10, 2006
A Montana author...

Just thought I would stop by and drop a message. Being signed with Forbidden is just what the doctored ordered and it is fitting into my plans nicely.

A little about Star'Leen: Rise of the Father's Son, this is the first book in the E'Mor's Romance series. I have seven altogether planned, but we will see how it goes. This series is based off of a series of novels that I'm currently working on titles The Knightbird series.

Book one of that series is currently out, The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight. Book two, The Daysong of the Knightbird is going to be out at the beginning of next year. These novels are about a young prince from another world, but on earth he goes by Jesse Knight. It is about his departure from his world before a war and his return to a world rebuilding itself. He goes on to search for the answers to the true mysteries that define who and what he is. This is the search for the meaning of the Knightbird.

E'Mor's Romance is my first attempt at writing romance. It is a shy subject to me and not highly used in The Knightbird series. So here it is in all its glory and in the series that is for it alone. E'Mor's Romance is for the stories that are found back behind the The Knightbird series, some are a little more seen then others. Star'Leen was the first lover Jesse Knight's father, King E'Mor, would have. The next story is simply title (for right now), Donni. I reworked the story just alittle for a couple a school mates that found love late in life (20 years after graduation). I'm hoping to have this ready by Halloween.

I'm sorry that I have babbled on and I promised myself this was going to be a short blog.

Love to all... Laurlee
posted by Laurlee Harbig @ 9:27 PM   1 comments
Trent is HERE!!! I MADE IT BABY!!!
As a new author I have learned that having a book published is a lottt of work. Much More than writing and coming up with all types of crazy ideals as far as promoting, and word of mouth advertising.
All the Shit to the side.... My new Book "Stranger to THA Game is Coming SOON!!! And I personally assure you will be swept off your feet by the realness of everyday life and the bullshit that comes with it. You will be carried into the action scene by scene.. and story by story. Don't get trapped inside because "Desperate" my second book will be released Soon Also, and I assure you want to be there when it's released. Then you can join me as I take you on a Journey. With Exclusive Book Signings, and V.I.P. Parties to celebrate what's happening and what's next to come. Also, My upcoming book "Bossy" Will place you in the life of a naughty boss lady. Where sleeping with one of the attorney's at her firm will be told like a fairytale that turns deadly... Licking, Sucking, Rubbing, Caressing, Massaging, Relaxing, Soothing, Get right to it Butt Naked Action on the KITCHEN FLOOR DOn't go home until yo baby mo....; Stay tunned for more.... And Remember Love yourSelf Before someone takes the 1 love that reallly counts. Life is changing, be a part of that CHANGE!!!! Feel free to contact me ( for I am the Love DOCtor!!! Yeaaa!!!
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Greetings from a new Kansas author

Hey everyone, glad to be posting on the Forbidden Authors blog, and proud to be a new Forbidden Publications author! My short story, One Hot Cayman Night, was one of the 15 contest winners.

I've been writing for ages but only seriously trying to get published since the first of the year. I now have a dozen or so other things coming out, stop by my website for all the details!

Forbidden Publications seems like a well-oiled, smooth-running place to be! I look forward to submitting more to this great publisher, and hope to get to know you all real soon.

My website:
My authors group: Sexy Authors with Attitude
posted by Jenna Byrnes @ 5:00 PM   1 comments
Sunday, July 09, 2006
My horoscope says Jupiter is moving into my horizon and this will bring good things to my career and reputation. I usually read those things for the fun value, not to judge my day’s events. However, considering the great month I’ve had so far for July, I’m beginning to wonder.

Last week I sold a short story to MEN magazine. Great exposure and the magazine has the reputation of offering good erotic stories for readers. I love to reach new readers! I’m a feedback addict. I admit it. It thrills me to know people are reading my work and enjoying it! I love to entertain, whether it be at a party or with my writing.

Then yesterday I got an email telling me a short story of mine, the original precursor to the A Bit of Rough novel, has been accepted by Alyson Books, (so thrilling) for inclusion in their ULTIMATE GAY EROTICA 2007 publication!

And to top the last seven days off, my M/M advertising group MANLOVEROMANCE.COM has just had their ad go live on ADVOCATE.COM, OUT.COM and OUTTRAVELER.COM.

Maybe I SHOULD be reading my horoscope and planning my day around it!
posted by Laura Baumbach @ 7:14 PM   1 comments
Finally!! whewwwwwww
Hey folks,

Just wanted to let everyone know, I got all the updates made to the blog and all the invites sent out to all our new authors. If ya'll get a chance, check the author links on the sidebar and make sure I have the correct website or blog address for ya. There are a few that arent linked, but those were folks I didnt have a website or blog for.

Keep me posted.

Happy bloggin.

posted by Rene` @ 4:47 PM   3 comments
This is, like, my fourth blog, so I don't know how religious I am going to be here, but I will pop in from time to time. Hope everyone is having a great weekend...

posted by JulieAnn @ 4:25 PM   0 comments
New author with Forbidden
Hi, all!

I'm new with Forbidden Publishing, but I've been around the publishing scene for quite some time. My BBW romance, Not Her Mr. Right, is a contemporary romance. Here is a brief blurb to give a taste of what is to come.

Emma Slade hasn’t met her Mr. Right yet, and being a voluptuous woman, she believes her options are limited. So she decides it’s time to settle for Mr. Okay, and come hell or high water, she was going to find him. Then a motorcycle-riding lawyer comes riding into her hometown, and her plans go awry. Of course, he’d never have anything to do with her…at least that’s what she thinks. But the more she pushes Jake Ryder, the harder he pushes back.

Jake has always been partial to women with curves a man can hold onto, and the moment he sees Emma Slade, his partiality becomes a magnet. He wants her, plain and simple. Yeah, he was only supposed to watch her, make sure she stays out of trouble, but if she gets into any, he wants to be right there with her.

I look forward to working with each of you.

Rachel Carrington
posted by Unknown @ 12:58 PM   0 comments
its offical!
Sugar and Sin has a release date.. August 25th! woo hoo! im so damn tickled its frightening. So well be haivng a month long celebration for the Book, at our group Eververse, and some other places including the Pink Posse! Our streat teams are going to be busy busy busy! So if your a fan of our work and wanna help out Email me at and well see what we can do.

For the released we will be giving away a HUGE gift pack, with an eververse T shirt, bug, mousepad, pins and other stuff, most from cafe Press. its going to be a good time... And oh yeah, did i mention i get to do print arcs? *squee!* heh so thats going to be hella fun!

So off to finish book two... its almost done and we know your going to love it!

Stella and Audra
posted by Stella Price @ 4:31 AM   0 comments
Friday, July 07, 2006
Sabrina Luna's Sex Joke Contest!

First of all, thanks to everyone for their kind words & congratulations on VELVET SEDUCTION’s reviews last week –I’m still on cloud 9 ½! Woohoo!

As a special treat, I’m holding another fun contest! The Goodie Package includes a $5 Gift Card to Starbuck’s Coffee & an Amy Brown angel/fairy bookmark!

How do you win? EZ! Simply email me the funniest sex joke & win! I’ll be reading over sex jokes for one week & next Friday will choose a winner for The Goodie Package! Only one joke, however, per a person. Please email me at thebellaluna @ (no spaces) with ‘Sex Joke’ in your subject line.

Yep, tickle my funny bone & win! The winning sex joke will also be posted on my online newsletter –Sabrina Luna Author News at Yahoo! Groups next Friday along with the winner’s name.

Ready? Set? Go!

Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina Luna

SABRINA LUNA ~Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick
VELVET SEDUCTION At Forbidden Publications
Click Here To Order!-->
Fallen Angel Reviews = 5 Angels
Coffee Time Romance = 4 Cups

posted by Sabrina Luna @ 9:59 AM   0 comments
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
A Road of Misgivings

Hello everyone! My name is Zinnia Hope and I have a short coming out with Forbidden Publications called A Road of Misgivings.

Who am I? Well, my fiction has appeared in nationally distributed men's magazines and Ruthie's under a pseudonym. Although I usually write erotic fiction that will steam up your reading glasses, I also write mainstream and speculative stories and novels. My work has been published in Canada and Turkey, plus my spec fiction has appeared online in such publications as Would That It

While searching for a new literary agent, I've been writing eBooks and polishing two full-length novels so sizzling that they'll make the neighbors call the fire department!

I also have a personal blog on Blogger: I owe my readers a chicken story,'ll have to stop by from time to time to find out what's going on, but I've had readers emailing wanting me to finish the tale of the farm chickens, so pop into my blog in a few days and read all about it. LOL!

Remember, it's all about sex, baby!

And unique plots, riveting characters, and...

posted by Zinnia @ 11:49 AM   2 comments
Sunday, July 02, 2006
Come and Vote!

Emery LaRue
Relative Dreams,
Forbidden Publications
Read About

Nominated for
"Cover of the Month"
Cast your vote July 3-31!
To be entered to win a copy of the book!
Hosted by Author Erin Aislinn
    Cover of the Month Contest

Looking at this cover, I almost believe that if I reached out, my hand would go right through into the wispy mist of a magical world where few things stand in the way of dreams.

M.L. Benton's {Moonglade Designs} artwork for Emery LaRue's Relative Dreams conjures up a dimension that breaks down the boundaries of perception until anything seems not only possible, but more real than any dream. -Erin Aislinn
posted by Moonglade Designs @ 9:18 PM   1 comments
Saturday, July 01, 2006
Happy Fourth of July!

I just wanted to stop in to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. Use plenty of sunscreen and keep those mosquitoes away with repellent. Everyone up in Canada I wish you Happy Canada Day, too. Take care.
posted by Carol McKenzie @ 4:36 PM   0 comments
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