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Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Just Released From A Forbidden Publications Author
The end of 2009 slowly comes into view, a new turn in the road of imagination has been taken.

A new contemporary romance from A.H. Scott has just been released from Hearts on Fire Books. Sometimes neglect can lead a soul to a place of uncertainty and unseen devastation.

"Spoiled daughter of a tycoon, Angela Carter Chase, had everything that the world could offer at her manicured fingertips.
Even with that, this feisty brunette wanted more."

- "Over My Head" by A.H. Scott

The question is, can that green grass be mold and not a fresh meadow of bliss?

Come and find out for yourself....

May this season of holidays be one of Peace for all.
A.H. Scott
(Siren Of The Wicked Word)
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