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Friday, June 30, 2006
We have our first release out now with FP. and im tickled. Im hoping for a good weekend for it, and even better reivews. Remy and Chrissy are going to be at the FP chat room on the 6th at 7pm eastern. They will be talking about their book, and giving some glimpses into Life in the Knossos West Weresnake Compound. Dont forget to come and hangout, and get to know the snakes...

And dont forget... BUY THE BOOK!


Stella and Audra
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Monday, June 26, 2006
Happy Days! It's Friday Release Time Again!
Yes, that's what I said. It's Friday Release time again!! We have three great authors coming this Friday so let's get started there.

BEYOND THE VISION OF DREAMS :: Stella and Audra Price
SOUTH OF THE BORDER :: Laura Baumbach

There will be an author release chat at the Forbidden Publications Chatroom at 8pm cst, June 30th! There will be prizes and free books! Excerpts and hilarity, and I'm willing to bet Sabrina will show up again with her pink boa. Gotta see it to believe it! So be there.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

M.L. Benont has truly revealed a way to summon forth my Forbidden delights cover, and in deed this is a grand work of art. I want to thank you Rene. W for giving me a opportunity to cast my reflection, upon the small romance press unity. I can't wait to re-edit this story, in order to awaking the readers third eye, and so on. I am trying to become apart of the Forbidden-Family, although I speck very little, but without another secondary thought or even doubt, I shall bring before you a longer tale. God/Goddes bless all of you supreme and wonderful people. One more thing how many other men have been published at Forbidden Publication, ''yeah'', well I think I going to call it a day and get back to my book. 'salvation everyone''
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Winners of our Forbidden Visions Contest!!
The Results Are In!

We'd like to thank everyone for their submissions to our Forbidden Visions contest. After receiving so many wonderful entries, we just couldn't make up our mind and narrow it down to the top ten.
Instead we have chosen 15 winners!

Congratulation to all the Winners!

Fire and Ice by Jodi Lee
The Mediation by JA Henneman
All of Me by b.lynch black
Her Lopsided Sweater by Kis Lee
One Hot Cayman Night by Jamie Hill
Kate's Song by AC Croom
Temporarily Misplaced by Alan Zendell
Element 42 by Alan Zendell
Kayla's March by RF Marazas
The Galahad Impulse by Jon Kane
The Ordinary Housewife by Kaycee M Jett
The Barefoot Burglar by Jacques Gerard
StarLeen by Laurlee Harbig
His Brother's Wife by Victor Ortloff and Elizabeth Lamey
A Sensual Situation by Mistress Rae
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Review of VELVET SEDUCTION By Local Mystery Author

"I first became aware of the stories of Sabrina Luna through a mutual friend and lover of books, Candy. I had to try one of her stories, and read VelvetSeductions (Publisher Forbidden Publications).

The novella is about Lance and Anna, who meet on aphone-sex line. But this is not a one dimensionalstory; in fact the characters are very real.

Developing characters that are life-like is difficult in a story of this length, as is setting detailed environments they move through. But Ms. Luna pulls those feats off very well, and the story is interesting and full.

The author describes the story as “erotic and spicy”and guess what? It simmers, but isn’t it nice that the characters have other life issues also. This is not a sex book per se, but a story about heat, passion, loveand friendship.

I highly recommend Velvet Seductions and look forward to more books penned by this very talented writer."

Gary Dillman
Author of Specter (Dark Realm Press) and others.

SABRINA LUNA ~ Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick
Available At Forbidden Publications
Click Here To Order! -->
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Friday, June 16, 2006
Release Celebration Tonight!

Join us tonight in the Forbidden Chatroom as we celebrate the release of three new books.
6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern

Conjuration by Carol McKenzie
The Razor's Edge by BH Joyeaux
Forbidden Family by Ciara Luvstar

There'll be lots of fun, chatter, and giveaways. Don't miss out!

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My Story's Up on the Site!

Cool! I woke up this A.M. and saw that my short story is up for sale at Forbidden Publications. All right!

Where's the coffee gang??? Wow! Thank you so much Rene and everyone else for the support and the friendship. You all seem to be a very inspiring group of women. Have a good weekend everyone.
Woo Hoo!!!

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Monday, June 12, 2006
I have a site

My very first site. Hope you like it and if you have any suggestions. I'm all ears.

Adelle Laudan
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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Big News From Delinda Jasper

Okay guys!  I've been sitting on this forever it seems like, and I can finally spill.

The Cedar Grove Series has been born!  Actually it was born last year when I wrote my first two books, Making Changes and A Reason to Stay, formerly published at Silk's Vault.  But they were not packaged as a series.  But, they both take place in Cedar Grove, a small town on the banks of Lake Michigan.

I can now OFFICIALLY announce that Making Changes and A Reason to Stay are no longer at Silk's Vault, but are COMING VERY SOON to Forbidden Publications.  In addition, three more books in the Cedar Grove series are also now under contract and coming soon from Forbidden, with more in the works.

Are you already a fan?  Did you fall in love with Nick and Mindy?  Jake and Ellie?  Want to find out more about their stories?  They, along with many more memorable characters you'll get to know and love will be making appearances throughout the Cedar Grove saga.  They may even star in more stories of their own!!

What's next in the series?  Lorelei's Dance.  Meet sexy Lorelei Graham and hottie Dr. Kaden McCallister.  (Yes girls, he is the older brother to super hottie fireman Jake from A Reason!)
Come along for the ride as Lorelei and Kaden heat up the sheets and each other's hearts.

Romancing Lorelei--
Kaden and Lorelei can't deny their attraction for one another.  The chemistry between them is explosive.  But can Kaden convince Lorelei love and lust CAN go hand in hand?

TROUBLE--Carly used to be attracted to bad boys.  But has reformed her ways and is trying to make a quiet life for herself.  But old habits die hard. 

Billy used to be a bad boy.  He liked fast cars and faster women.  But both were nearly his downfall.  He's finally lived down the Bad Billy name given to him in high school and runs a successful business in Cedar Grove. 

When these two get together there is going to be TROUBLE!

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Friday's Releases
We have another trio of fantastic writers releasing on Friday! Forbidden Publications is really setting the standard with the latest....

There will be ::

THE RAZOR'S EDGE by :: B.H. Joyeaux
FORBIDDEN FAMILY by :: Ciara Luvstar
CONJURATION by :: Carol McKenzie

There will be a release chat held at Forbidden Publications, in the chat room at 8pm CST. So bring your questions, have some fun getting to know these great authors and maybe get a free book!

Did I just say "free"? Why yes I did! Some lucky chatter will get a free download, as all three books will be up for grabs!!

So mark your calendars.

It's Friday release time again!!!
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Friday, June 09, 2006
My first review... And all I can say is.....
I'm stunned...

Please read on.....

Ice Cream in the Snow by Diana Castilleja

Available now at Forbidden Publications

Heat Index: Non-Erotic/Sweet Romance

Jessica Harden has a neat and tidy little life. She has a small, but nice house, a good job in a doctors office, and a wonderful 12 year old son, Jacob. But when Jessica's ex-husband and Jacob's father, Arthur dies and leaves them an ice cream shop, her life takes a dramatic turn. Not only does the handsome, but mysterious Brick enter her life, but so does intrigue, lies, and danger.

In Ice Cream in the Snow Diana Castilleja weaves a thrilling story of mystery, betrayal, and what it really means to love. I love the portrayal of characters in this story. They are truly multi-deminsional.

What I find so intriguing about Ms. Castilleja's writing in this book is that the story doesn't just revolve around a romance. The characters take on a life of their own and not only do you see Jessica and Bricks relationship, but Jessica's relationship with her son, Jacob as well. Jacob takes a lead role, and if this were a movie I would say he's a scene stealer!

My grade for Ice Cream in the Snow:


Reviewed by :: Delinda Jasper
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Its Coming!
So June 30th is the release of our first installment of our Knossos West Weresnake Series, Beyond the Vision of Dreams. Audra and I are so excited, this series is just the beginning of our work at Forbidden Publications, and we know your going to love it.

So you can check out an excerpt at the book page on Forbiddne Publications, so go and check it out and get your curiousity peaked? Want a blurby? youll get one:

Remy Crane, a unmated were python, has been having some extemely erotic dreams for the past week about a woman hes sure dosent exist. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up one morning and finds the woman of his dreams standing just inside the front door of the Weresnake compound. He recognizes Chrissy Stanford as his mate, albeit instinctually only, and decides he needs to have her in his bed. Little does he know shes going to become part of his heart as well.

Sounds good right? well it is a love story. this is slated as Paranormal Romance. curiosity peaked?

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