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Monday, December 24, 2007
Make it a Merry Christmas for you too.

Merry Christmas to Me By Aline de Chevigny

Available Now: Merry Christmas to Me By Aline de Chevigny


Jennifer was having the worst Christmas ever. She'd just quit her job, her ex had happily married some blonde Barbie doll and the man of her dreams didn't even know she was alive.
Franko was through with women, or so he thought until the hottest little spitfire he'd ever met walked into him and set him straight. He now had five days until she left the mine for good to convince her that he was the Christmas gift of her dreams.

Excerpts # 1

She’d never felt so angry. How could they disappoint so many people, without even a second thought? They’d used some lame ass excuse, about the flight crew wishing to spend the holidays with their families. Well Duh! Who didn’t? Unfortunately for her and everyone else in her boat, they couldn’t leave site if the plane didn’t show. “Damn, stupid, inconsiderate…”
Her tirade was cut short by what felt like walking into a brick wall. Looking up…and up, she came face to…chest with the new hotty mechanic at camp. She knew it was Franko Chissolm, she recognized the shirt.
Taking the step back, she tilted her head further back to look at him in the face to apologize. Her mouth dried up at the sight of him. He was even more impressive to look at up close. His scar, that everyone was talking about, made him look distinguished and dangerous. She always did like dangerous. “Uhm…I…ahhh… damn…sorry about that.” His eyes narrowed quickly at her in anger, she didn’t understand.
“Listen lady, I may not be much to look at anymore, but you can stop starring at my scars right this second!”
Jennifer took another step back in surprise and frowned. Her bad mood had just gotten worse thanks to his obvious rudeness. “Listen, I already apologized for walking into you, and might I remind you I’m the one who got hurt here! You’re built like a freaking brick wall, where I…let’s just say I’m not. As for you’re scars, honey I have no idea who you’ve been listening to, but you are a serious babe and you’d better get used to tongue tied idiots like me acting like dolts around you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go before I stick my foot any further into my mouth.”
Brushing past him, she fought to control the blushes she felt heating her cheeks. She really needed to learn to control her mouth when annoyed. Although, the look on his face when she called him a babe, was worth some embarrassment.
Reaching the door to her dorm residence, she couldn’t resist one last look back to see if he was still watching her.
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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Hope everyone has a very...


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Thursday, December 20, 2007
BLOOD CHASE is now available!

Grace is a myth hunter, playing a game of cat and mouse with a dangerous vampire. Dixon scares her, but not as much as the passion that burns between them.

This is my first release from Forbidden Publications, so I'm VERY excited! Yay.

You can read an excerpt here.

Or check it out here.

I will also be attending the release chat at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central and 9 pm Eastern. So if you can make it, drop in to say 'Hi'.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Have you ever wondered...

Coming Soon from FP
Cover artist: Dawne'Thomas-Jerlo
Editor: Brieanna Robertson

...what the world would be like if something created by the government escaped? What if it was a virus, a virus so deadly it killed incredibly fast? So fast that a cure was out of the question, except for a select few. What would you do?

Journey with me to find out how the twins, Shyanne and Drayco, handle the outcome of just such a virus, and how the world around them seems to have fallen back in time to an era before technology, an era where the sword rules.

The twins become separated shortly after the deaths stop. Over time, they begin looking for one another when the longing for family fills them. After they find each other, they learn that someone else is looking for them as well. The Boss wants Shyanne badly. Why--they don't know--but they're going to find out.

With their animal companion, a genetically altered mountain lion named Drizzle, the twins embark on a cross-country journey. They encounter many obstacles along the way, but the worst is a mercenary named Ruben. He will stop at nothing to accomplish what he is paid to do, even if it involves killing his own men. Unfortunately, he succeeds in getting Shyanne.

Now Drayco must survive his biggest challenge, a challenge filled with pain and suffering, if he is to help his sister survive the Boss.

Stayed tuned for further updates, I will post them when they become available. Until then, happy reading.

Janet Durbin
Author of Innocence Taken
Now Available at Forbidden Publications
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Sunday, December 16, 2007
How about a Christmas Love Story?
Merry Christmas to Me By Aline de Chevigny

Available Now from Forbidden Publications


Jennifer was having the worst Christmas ever. She'd just quit her job, her ex had happily married some blonde Barbie doll and the man of her dreams didn't even know she was alive.
Franko was through with women, or so he thought until the hottest little spitfire he'd ever met walked into him and set him straight. He now had five days until she left the mine for good to convince her that he was the Christmas gift of her dreams.

Excerpts # 2

Grinning, she pressed her herself closer and cupped a hand around his other cheek, then stood on her toes to kiss him again. “Why wait?” She’d wanted to do this for so long now, there was no way in hell she was letting food distract her.
“Or not,” he announced with a laugh, tightening his hold around her and giving into her demand.
Jennifer knew what she wanted, him naked in her bed, and if Franko was willing, she was determined to get it. The second she felt his hands on her ass, she used that leverage to climb up his body and wrapped her legs around his waist to support herself. A soft moan of pleasure escaped her, as his lips left a path of fiery kisses down her neck and back to her lips.
No one had ever made her feel this wanton with just one kiss before. She wanted him, and all that clothing he was wearing was getting in the way of her desire. “We should lock the door.” She whispered into his ear, while his lips traveled down her neck towards the swell of her breasts.
Sliding his hands more firmly under her ass, he recaptured her lips in a heated kiss and stepped over to lock the door.
“Franko, aren’t I getting heavy?”
“Honey, my tool belt weighs more than you do.”
Jennifer laughed at his serious tone and ran her fingers through the sides of his salt and pepper hair. He was only three years her senior at thirty seven, but the white was already outnumbering the black in his short, thick, curls. “Are you comparing me to your tool belt?”

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Don't forget to stop by...
Don't forget to stop by
As I am the guest blogger there this week.

3 Lucky winner will be able to chose one of my books as a prize on December 21st. But to be entered you must stop by and comment.


Aline de Chevigny

Is Happily Ever After your thing? Travel the path of love with Aline de Chevigny!
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Monday, December 10, 2007
Kelley Nyrae

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Kelley Nyrae

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Kate's Song: Awakening

Kate's Song began with a journey of discovery for Katie Kitchens. It led her through a fairytale childhood filled with love and understanding, to a magical rekindling of a love lost for six years. Magical and fascinating for her after years of confusion and disappointment.

Now though, comes Kate's Song: Awakening, the conclusion to Katies' story. Magic and Love are destroyed by an unpleasant truth and her decisions affect all around her. She discovers a new direction, a new understanding of herself, a new love that has never been far away.

Kate's Song: Awakening Available at

An Authorized Excerpt:

It was just past noon and the day was turning into a scorcher. Kate sat with her back to the willow tree that she and her grandfather had planted. Even with the shade, the combination of humidity and heat brought perspiration and discomfort.

"Katie, can we talk?"

"Not that it will do any good, but okay, talk." Kate sullenly stared out across the water.

"I'm sorry, Katie. I know saying that seems trite after all that's happened, but it's the truth. I messed up. Even with the feelings I have for you, I got scared of the speed everything was moving and I bailed. I can never make up for the pain I must have caused you, and I know you will never forget that I did it. I guess I'm asking you to give me another chance. I want you in my life. I love you, Katie. Please let me prove it." Jim stood and waited for the onslaught of her reply.

"I'm sorry too, Jimmy. I can't love you the way you want me to. I can't trust that you will not have another fit of fear and run off again. You and I had a wonderful time together. Let's remember that and leave all the other to heal in its own time. You made a decision for whatever reason, and I made mine. Love died in that hospital. I just want to keep the friendship alive.

"A lot has happened to us both. I'll know for sure after I visit my doctor next week, but I think I'm pregnant. You are the father, and that puts another decision on your list. If I am pregnant, I want you to be part of the baby's life, a big part of her life Jimmy, as her father. How involved you get; still another decision for you.



"Though you messed up, you are still the friend I grew up with. Please be a father to this baby. For me and for her." Kate pulled the young man into a hug and gently kissed him.

Frank and Natalie watched as Kate and Jim talked. Their granddaughter seemed to have gained an inner strength. They saw the interplay of a man and woman confessing truths and baring emotions to the other. Natalie's heart soared when Kate appeared to accept what she was being told and plummet as the expression on Jim Phillip's face kept changing when Katie had her turn to speak. She watched her granddaughter rise from the ground, embrace and kiss Jim Phillips gently. Sadly, it was clear to Natalie that her granddaughter was saying good-bye.

The young man's demeanor was one of acceptance and determination. He stood erect and held his head high walking around the side of the house and out of sight. Jim would survive and go on with his life.
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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Wolf's Gift, An Xmas Werewolf

Forbidden Publications

Wolf's Gift
Anastasia Rabiyah

In an English town budding with the new religion at Christmastime, an old god still shows up in the darkest of places. One such ancient setting is the Darkwood Forest just outside the meadow near Levinia’s home. After her husband is lost in a hunting accident, she must come to terms with his death. The day after Christmas, she calls upon the cast out god, Jul, by burning the Yule log and wishing for the one thing Jul is known for, allowing the spirits of the dead to mingle with the living.

Available now for only $1.99 at Forbidden Publications

Join the author at the release chat tonight at Forbidden Publication's chatroom located on the main page at: Scroll down to enter.

The chat begins at:

6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central and 9pm Eastern

Find out more about the author at:

An Authorized Excerpt:

A howl broke the silence outside. This time she was sure of what it was. She closed the door and slid the bar down to keep it in place, not that a wolf could push open a door, could it? Fingering the handle of the bow, she breathed in deeper the underlying scent of hay. The first time they’d made love it had been in this barn amongst the fresh straw. The feel of his lips against her neck lingered in her memory, the heat of his skin touching hers, the thrill of being alone, finally able to give herself to him after waiting for so long.

She leaned her head against the door and closed her eyes. It began as a playful game of teasing and tickling, hands knotting and testing limits. She’d leaned up and brushed her lips over his. Borys balked, but smiled his sideways grin, his brown eyes glistening with mischief and a familiar hint of desire. He’d pushed her down into the itchy hay and kissed her into submission.

Something ran across the snow, its paws crunching just outside the door. She wondered if loud noises would frighten it away. Levinia had never seen a wolf before. She’d only shot her husband’s bow a few times, and she wasn’t good at it. She backed away into the dwindling light. Claws scratched against wood. It whimpered.
“Go away!” she shouted, startling the sheep. They flinched and skittered backward. Small bleats echoed in the barn.

The animal outside whined.

Levinia stared at the bow, and wondered if she could do it, if she could kill a wolf, much less anything at all. She clenched her teeth and swallowed her fear. Taking a step forward, she decided she must confront what had taken away her happiness. One hand shot out, no longer shaking. The wooden bar slid up and away. It was dark outside, so no shadow of legs cast itself beneath the door. She knew the wolf was there though. She knew it had to be the one that killed her husband. Now it had arrived to take her as well.

“But I won’t go,” she vowed.

She kicked the barn door with the toe of her boot. It creaked on its hinges. The cold air rushed in, carrying snowflakes. Among the snow her adversary stood, a mangy creature with gray hair and golden eyes. Its muzzle bore dried blood. The wolf took a step forth on long legs.

Levinia lowered her bow, aiming at the animal’s head.

Ears flattened. A bushy, gray tail lowered. The wolf snarled, revealing yellowed teeth. A line of spittle fell in a string to the snow.

From the forest, another wolf cried. Its call was long and painful, so much so that Levinia hesitated, her finger frozen on the trigger. She shot a glance past the beast before her. A pale creature came limping from the woods. It walked slow, but with purpose. A sudden movement drew her attention back to the animal in front of her. Its head lowered and it lunged. Levinia squeezed. The crossbow fired, its shaft whizzing through the air. It thunked, hitting its mark.

The wolf yelped in midair.

She backed up, dropping the empty weapon in the hay. Fur and the stench of death gagged her. She screamed as the beast knocked into her. Falling seemed to take forever. Her head smacked against something hard, sending a strike of agony through her body. She blinked and flailed, desperate to escape.

Teeth snapped and caught. Pain lanced her forearm. She brought her knee up in a swift kick, gouging the animal’s belly. Then the darkness took her.

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Romance By Mistake - Available Now!


Reality TV didn’t see her coming—neither did he!

Reeve Huntington didn’t see the spunky beauty coming, but as soon as he laid eyes on her, he knew she was the one. He is only TV’s hottest bachelor, and his twin friends don’t like her. Of course, the whole matter of the contestants is a slight problem. So what’s a guy to do away from the circus of TV? Get Marina to be part of his reality.

Marina Carzelli had a normal, almost boring life. Of course, having an eccentric one of a kind shop and drag queens for friends can take the doldrums away. She was single, a great mom then it happened, one slippery spot on the mall floor, one cup of coffee, a set of twins and—Him! Reeve is hunky, but can she give her heart to a man that is marrying someone else on the whim of chance, or would their romance be a mistake?


“Oh, this isn’t funny,” a very stunned Luke groaned from the living room. “Who would have known? Did you know?”

“I swear on my Marilyn Monroe wig I had no idea,” Divinity mused in surprise.

Marina picked up the bowl in one hand and grabbed the wine glass she had set down moments earlier up in the other. “What are you girls rattling about?”

Silence. Neither Luke nor Divinity said anything, just had horrified looks on their faces as Marina walked into the living room. They stared from the TV to Marina and back again. This was not a good sign.

Marina turned and looked at the television just as a famous host from several reality TV shows came on. “So tell me, Reeve, are you ready to trust your marital status to your friends, and viewers everywhere?”

Marina turned to Divinity and Luke. “Tell me I just did not hear that? Some guy is letting his two friends and TV viewers pick his wife? I thought the bachelor reality shows were a way of the past. Is this guy misfortunate-looking or something?”

“No, actually darling, he is quite handsome and is very rich. His family owns those Hunt’s gas bars all over the US and his family is sponsoring the show.” Divinity had the strangest look on her face.

What are they not telling me?

“I have the up most faith,” a sexy and smooth voice replied to the question. There was something strangely familiar about it.

“We just want her to make Reeve happy, right Trey?” The voice had her mind reel in reaction. It was the same voice that had echoed in her mind in the middle of the busy mall this morning. She wheeled around to face the TV. Wine spilled out of her glass and she didn’t care as she focused on the face of one of the twins.

“That’s right, Kyle. Reeve’s happiness is the most important thing here.” It was the other twin.

“No!” Marina breathed out in shock.

“Reeve, you’re pretty lucky to have such good friends,” the famous host said with a laugh.

“Aren’t I, though?” replied the man of the moment. Her jaw dropped and the hand holding the popcorn went limp. It was the sexy man who had gone without a shirt in her store.

“So, Reeve, how does it feel to be the most sought after bachelor?” the host asked. At the same time, the popcorn bowl hit the soft, dark carpet of the living room.

Marina, darling, are you okay, love?” Divinity sounded a little worried.

She turned and looked at her two friends. Not only had she had a disaster in the mall with one of the best looking men she had seen in awhile, she had dumped her “double espresso” caramel macchiato over a hot eligible bachelor celebrity. “Oh dear, Divinity, I had no idea.” Marina breathed—or at least forced her lungs to inhale and exhale. The comment one of the twins had made earlier about having to go through them suddenly made sense.

“So, Reeve, anything exciting happen to you while you were going through the auditioning process?”

“He actually had a blonde trip him and cover him in coffee at the mall today,” one of the twins confided. “It’s pretty surprising what some desperate women will do.”

The little blue print in the left hand corner of the screen said, “Live”. Her stomach flipped. She had just been publicly humiliated.

The mall had been busy; there were witnesses.

Ebook $5.99

Purchase Here

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