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Friday, May 25, 2007
Slip into a Fantasea with Ann Cory!
Fantasea available now from Forbidden Publications

Short Story

Among some boxes in her closet, Brianna finds a tattered old book with the name Fantasea on the cover. As she starts to read about the main character, Lorenzo, a man washed ashore after a boating accident, she is hooked, and is magically drawn into the story.

Brianna knows it’s all make-believe, but quickly falls for the handsome stranger. With his quick wit and rugged good looks, it’s a fantasy come true, further proven by a night of mad, passionate love underneath the stars.

In the morning, a rescue team arrives on the island to whisk them to safety. Lorenzo is only too happy to continue their romance back among civilization, but Brianna believes that once they leave, the island magic that brought them together will disappear, and she will too.

For an excerpt, click here:

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~Ann Cory
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Thursday, May 24, 2007
The After Aftermath Blog
I must apologize to my readers for an issue brought to my attention earlier this week. I've been scratching my head over readers stating they couldn't get to my blog. Here's the answer: it's tagged as mature, so public access is limited.

You must be signed in to Yahoo to see the blog. If you don't have a Yahoo account, it's an easy process. If you do, simply be sure to sign in. The safeguard is in place to protect our underage surfers, which I'm sure we all understand.

On a brighter note, Aftermath has hit the #1 slot for highest rated FP book at Fictionwise!

Thank you, everyone, for your support and please feel free to email me ( with questions.

~ Angel Martinez
Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind

Aftermath - available now at Forbidden Publications
ongoing story blog:
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Saturday, May 19, 2007
Would you like a chance to win a copy of The Prophecy?
If you'd like a chance to win a copy of my latest release The Prophecy from Forbidden Publications. Here's you chance. On May 23rd, 2007 The Prophecy is the Book of the day giveaway at TRS. Good luck to all of you who decide to enter. You may enter for your chance to win here:

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Coming this Summer from FP: Lioness on the Knife
Lioness on the Knife is a collection of eight of my favorite short stories, an anthology built around the theme of 'women on top'. Enough said. The excerpt below is from the story "Hot Chocolate and Celestial Fire" in which Sylvia, wealthy but desperately lonely since the death of her beloved husband, goes to an unusual brothel staffed exclusively by males. Just a taste - for the rest, you'll have to wait for the book.

Jeremy leaned into her touch, eyes closed. She had paid for his time and his concern, but even purchased compassion might bring some relief.

He echoed her gesture, long fingers smoothing a strand of hair back from her cheek, not a hesitant touch but soft as new grass. Her fingers slid behind his head, pulled him to her. A sudden ache sparked deep in her belly. She was ready to devour his mouth but he resisted the tug of her fingers.

His kisses met the side of her mouth in whisper light caresses, easing towards her lips with deliberation.

When she finally had what she wanted, his full lips pressing and circling hers, he slid his arms around her. Her tongue teased at the seam of his mouth, pleading for entry. He pulled her off the chair into his lap, his muscular thighs hard beneath her.

"You have such beautiful eyes."

"I'd rather you didn't lie to please me, Jeremy."

He pulled back to look at her. "They are beautiful. So dark and deep. Like cauldrons of the best chocolate."

"Do they make chocolate in cauldrons?"

Jeremy laughed, a musical rumbling deep in his chest. "I've no idea. Would you like one?"

"One what? Oh, the box you brought. Are you hungry?"

"I'm getting there." He lifted her back to the chair and rose to retrieve the box. "There are some things in the nightstand drawers if you happen to be interested. Want to take a look while I wrestle with the plastic wrap?"

She watched him walk away. Black denim hugged his thighs and backside and she thrilled to the slide of his muscles under the white shirt. With a soft hum, she sauntered to the bedside to hunt through the drawers. The 'things' Jeremy mentioned ran the gamut of sensible, quality condoms lined up in a mahogany jewelry box, to esoteric, illustrated best by a leather device of two small, studded bands with snap closures connected by a short strap.

She pulled out the whole condom case. A pair of sheepskin-lined handcuffs followed and two lengths of cotton cord.

"Dammit," she whispered.

"Everything all right?" Jeremy placed the open box of chocolates on the bed and brushed his lips against her ear.

" I feel so silly. Asking you to do the things he liked."

"Are they things you like?"

"Well, yes."

"Then please don't feel silly. What do you want me to do?"

She felt the tips of her ears burn. "Strip for me?"

Teeth white as sea foam flashed when he smiled. "With pleasure."

In graceful, languid movements, he tugged his shirttails from his jeans and unbuttoned his cuffs. He never glanced at his hands; his eyes remained locked on her. One button at a time, he teased each from its eyelet, the slow reveal of smooth pectorals speeding Sylvia's heartbeat.

A gold nipple ring glinted as he slid out of the shirt and Sylvia's resistance crumbled. She reached out and traced the hoop, so enticing against his toasted almond nipple.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"At first, but no more than getting your ears done. You can tug on it. Just please don't yank."

She took the ring between thumb and forefinger and gave a gentle pull. Jeremy shivered, one hand gripped around her elbow.

"Too hard?" Sylvia whispered.

Jeremy undid the button on his jeans. "Oh, no. Sends a rush right down to my toes."

Her palms damp again, she slipped two fingers inside his waistband to lift the zipper away and slid the pull down. Under the denim, he wore black boxer briefs. How she loved those, the way they clung to every bulge and curve.

He hooked his thumbs under the waistband. "These too, or you want them on for now?"

"For now," she echoed, sliding a hand over his lycra-clad hip. His state was obvious in the tight briefs and Sylvia was flattered that his erection had sprung to full attention so easily. "Lie down on the bed for me, please. On your back, against the headboard."
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Aftermath on Fictionwise!
The boys are up on Fictionwise! And have snagged one of the top ten slots for Forbidden Publication releases there!

Don't forget to rate the book if you read it there. It's new, so we need ratings. ;)

Five Nymphs out of Five from Literary Nymphs:

"Aftermath is an amazing work of fiction that aptly addresses the destructive power of rape and the devastating effect it has on a relationship. Through two captivating main characters, Angel Martinez illustrated the passion, strength, and resilience of a loving couple in crisis. Needless to say this book is highly recommended."

~ Angel Martinez
Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind

Aftermath - available now at Forbidden Publications
and Fictionwise:
http://www.freewebs .com/angelwrites /
ongoing story blog: com/ravenesperanza
MySpace: http://www.myspace. com/angelmartine zwrites
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Saturday, May 05, 2007
We Have a WINNER! Pinpoint the City Contest
Vanna, the envelope please. And the winner is....

Rachel Morse! Congratulations!

For her suggestion of Long Beach, CA. Temperate weather, between 50 and 80 for most of the year. Two universities and a design college. Musems. Art scene. And a well-established, comfortable gay community.


I had a lot of wonderful suggestions and one, of course, I received a number of times. Three guesses? Yes, San Francisco. I think I need to explain why I couldn't pick what seems the most obvious city:

SF is one of my favorite places but, as my father pointed out, it is a character unto itself. It permeates any story set there, one can't help the environs and the flavor of the place sprouting up. I searched Aftermath desperately for any passages hinting at SF behind the scenery, so to speak, and I came up empty-handed.

Perhaps another story will find me there.

Rachel - I know you're out there somewhere. Email me the address to which you'd like your packet sent.

~ Angel Martinez
Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind

Aftermath - available now at Forbidden Publications
ongoing story blog:
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Thursday, May 03, 2007
Stella and Audra's Scavenger Hunt!
So Our Scavenger Hunt is up and ready to go! To participate , simply send the answers and found items to with "eververse hunt" in the subject.


  1. Give the Name of Feyd Nightly’s Mother
  2. Where was the original Crypt?
  3. What is the one tattoo that Fallon and Astrid have in common at the beginning of the Eververse series? (hint check out the profiles on the website)
  4. Give us the name of the 8th book in the series
  5. How old is Fallon?
  6. What kind of demon is Feyd Nightly?
  7. What’s the name of Cassiel (cash)’s race?
  8. Who owns Pinkys XXX?
  9. In the Djinn series, what does Janey Duvall do?
  10. What’s the name of the Last woman Nicodemus Marsh was wish-bound to?
  11. What kind of Snake is Reece Evans?
  12. How old is Remy Crane?
  13. What is the stone that Danica has on her collar in Blood on the Harvest Moon?
  14. Why is Malcolm Frost unique?
  15. What is the distinct characteristic of being an Ifrit?
  16. Who is the Archon of the Knossos West Compound in Shadow Heights?
  17. What’s the scientific classification for weresnake? (hint: Check the crypt Library)
  18. Where do Janey and Marsh call home?
  19. Ashlyn Co’Shott is what kind of demon?
  20. How long has Cash been exiled from the Afterverse?


  1. A picture of a green tree python curled around a branch
  2. picture of a snowflake
  3. Your favorite Stella and Audra cover
  4. The link for our review of Sugar and Sin at RORR
  5. A picture of Astrid’s Muse
  6. A picture of Arcady’s Muse
  7. A picture of a brindle bulldog
  8. The link for the company that makes the Astrid Candle
  9. Three scents from Body Confections that you think will be in future books
  10. The Planetary symbol for Earth
  11. A picture of the tarot Card the lovers from the Tarot of a Moon garden, the Witches Tarot and the Stella Tarot
  12. A goddess pentacle
  13. Picture of the Ugly Worm
  14. The link for Arcady Morrison’s myspace
  15. Tattoo of a star

Prizes: heres a list of goodies we will be giving…

    • A signed copy of Sugar and Sin
    • A pair of Silk and Steel Earrings
    • Promo goodies
    • A bottle of Essence of Fallon
    • Notepad of the Dragons book and the Djinn series
    • Candy
    • Downloads of our backlist
    • Cd’s of our backlist
    • Astrid Candle

Good Luck and enjoy!!!!!


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Back from RT
Ok so we have been for a while but i have been recouping and hanging out with my sister. Shes home now, and that rocks, but im sad that i wont get to see her till next year.

RT was awesome! We got some amazing pictures, and went wild and actually sold books at the book fair! So thanks to everyone who bought it, you totally made the trip to RT worth it! We also give out a LOT of goodies and promo, and I'm happy to say it wasn't a wasted trip.

Next year is going to be truly insane as ill be there as a publisher, review house, cover artist and author, and im excited to say we will have 8 books in print bu then, a whole lot of goodies and promo stuff for all that pulp!

And I'm SO excited cuz ill be rooming with my sister and Rene and another crazy lunatic... fun times! So lets see, RT 2007 highlights?
  • my sister licking R. Casteel's face... and the guy licked her back.
  • Jacki Frank giving Audra a Woobie....
  • Neil (my brother in law) mooning the bar in his kilt
  • the cops called on us for being too loud
  • Joe (my hunny) faling alseep drunk in Club RT amidsts 40 screaming women
  • actually selling at the signing
  • some guy trying to get me and audra to makeout (EWWWW shes my sister!). We told him "this isn't a Stephen King novel!"
  • Neil in his kilt... the ladies loved it
  • audra's skirt being nearly flushed down the toilet
  • the Robin Schone Champagne and Strawberries Soriee (Robin, Kat, thanks for the laughs)
  • Club RT. Straight up, Club RT.
  • i got my ass checked out, twice. Woo hoo!
  • the salad place in the subterranean tunnels of Houston. because of them, I actually ate.
  • i lost 5 lbs from running around like a chicken without a head... can i get a woot? Im back to 115!
So thats what i can remember. Lord knows it will all come back to me one day,. though thankfully i wasnt in a drunken haze while there. I left that to audra, Neil and Joe. LOL. So ill be posting about again with some goodies... So stay tuned!
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