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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Cheaters: Robert's Revelation

Here it is, my first cover! Isn't it wonderful?

Cheaters: Robert's Revelation

Robert is an editor in a rut. He's been trapped in his relationship for years--afraid to leave because of the repercussions. Finally, the time has come for him--with the help of this neighbor--to fully explore some of his hidden desires.


I stood still. Transfixed. I knew this was wrong, but I couldn't make my legs move.

"I want you inside me, Rob. I want you to fuck me." He undid the button on his jeans and slowly unzipped his fly. Tight, black briefs appeared. They did nothing to hide the massive erection protruding up from his crotch. He kicked his sandals off and slid the jeans off his body. "Take off your shirt, Rob."

I didn't object; I lifted the tank top off quickly, tossing it on the table beside me. "Ben, my wife can never know."

"I'll never tell," Ben whispered. He grabbed me by the waist, hauled me into his arms, and kissed me. His tongue forced its way into my mouth, exploring hungrily. His hands, moving up and down my back, my sides, my chest. He slid his hand in my pants, grabbed my hardening dick by the shaft and squeezed lightly.

I moaned. Kissing him back harder, stronger. Wanting to feel his tongue on mine, his lips on mine. I grabbed his ass, testing the firmness in my hands. It was unbelievably tight.

"You want that ass don't you, Rob?"

You know you want to read what happens next...

Coming 9/8/2006
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Romantic Times Recognition

So we just heard that we are #20 on the list of 25 most unusual paranormal creatures list in Romantic Times' October 2006 issue!!! Im freaked out. I mean someone recognized our WERESNAKES! Now i had heard about this, and was looking forward to it, but i never thought we would be mentioned in an national magazine, let alone be in any place other then last. And no, thats not me trying to play our shit down, its me thinking that we have been around for a little over 8 months, and we placed higher then authors that are in print with NY houses. Well needless to say I'm damn graetful that we got placed, and even more happy that we were placed where we were.

So A toast to us!

Go pick up the ocotboer issue of RT and see for yourself... Im giddy as hell!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
I love my cover!!

I am so happy about my gorgeous cover for Dream Man. The icing on the cake is, I found out my release date as well. Dream Man is set to be released September, 8! I am so excited. My dreams are coming true! What a fantastic feeling. I'm also updating my website with excerpts and a free read. Check back often!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Reader group (New!) & contest
I have a new reader group! Please, come and join in at

Also, don't forget my contest running through until August 30th to enter a draing to win a copy of "Pride & Prejudice" starring Colin Firth on DVD. All you have to do is join my newsleter (Announcement only, about 1-2 emails a month) at

Marie Bellevaux
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Sunday, August 13, 2006
This Is Me!
Hi Gals and Guys.

Well this is me doing what I do best. Sitting in the shade of my favorite tree on hot Texas days. Belle, my two year old Boston Terrier, is around somewhere and Annie is behind the camera.

You know, the best thing about sittin in the shade is ideas roll into my head and I get to plop them down on the computer later. Like the little flash story that follows: "A Texan's Motive". Several years ago, I got the idea watching my family get the grandkids ready for a day of swimming at the local pool. My daughter was herding them all to her mini-van and Annie was rounding up strays.

Now, being fair skinned and red headed myself, I elected to stay home and guard my favorite tree with a tall, cool drink and a book I was just then reading. My thoughts turned from the book to my days in Louisiana growing up and a certain gal that I had a crush on. Well as fate would have it I ended up at the computer for the next 30 minutes furiously typing what my muse ordered me to type.

This is the result:


One day as the sun was going down, a wrangler walked into the bunkhouse and dropped his saddle and gear on the floor. The other wranglers, knowing his sometimes-wild temper, tried to ignore the scowl on his face and the noise he was making. After about a half hour of mumbling to himself and knocking things about the bunkhouse, the line foreman walked over to the wrangler to find out what the ruckus was about.

The wrangler got really quiet and sat on the edge of his bunk looking at the line foreman. He opened his mouth as if to say something but changed his mind and turned away. Well the line foreman was at a loss to understand what was going on and just shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

Now the door to the bunkhouse flew open and in walked little Susie Canard, the ranch owners’ daughter. She was a slight little thing with flaming red hair and a steaming temper of her own. Susie walked over to the wrangler and demanded to know just who the hell he thought he was watching her bathe in the creek below the house.

Well now this got the attention of everyone in the bunkhouse and the line foreman walked back over to the wrangler.

“Ed, you best tell me what’s going on here.” He said as he confronted the wrangler.

“Boss, I didn’t mean nothing by it. I couldn’t help myself. She was all over naked and looked so dang pretty the way her hair was floating in the water as she was swimming.” Ed Bonner pleaded.

“That ain’t no excuse Ed. You done known Susie here since she was knee high to a grasshopper. What got into you? Lordy I hope the old man don’t get wind of this.”

About that time the door burst open a second time and in walked Big Bob Canard. Six foot five and above three hundred pounds and all of it muscle.

“Where’s the low down scum that was watching my little girl down at the creek?” Bob roared as he stomped up beside his daughter at the wranglers bunk. “Ed you done been one of my best hands and now you pull this kinda stunt? You better do some real explaining and make it good or I’m gonna hang your sorry hide from the rafters of that barn out yonder.”

Ed looked around at all the faces turned his way waiting for his explanation. He once again hung his head and tried to hide his embarrassment. Softly, so low that only the three gathered around him could hear, he started to tell his side of the story.

“Big Bob, you done been real good to me and took me in when I was a youngin. You it was that taught me to ride and shoot and all the things I needed to be a good ranch hand. Well I been watchin Miss Susie grow up and started feelin things maybe I shouldn’t have. But I felt em anyway and most of the time I could take the harder jobs away from the main ranch and stay away from her. Well, today as I was ridin in from the line I went to water my horse at the crossin and there was Miss Susie up on the big pond what the beavers done walled up. I seen her there and I couldn’t help myself. I watched her for a bit and then came on over here. I’m sorry boss. I’m sorry Miss Susie. I'll be packin up and be movin on so I won’t be no more trouble.”

With that Ed started placing items in his saddlebags. If he had looked at the face of Susie Canard at that time he would have seen a softness that only a woman in love would ever have. She reached out a hand and touched him on the shoulder. As he turned she started to speak.

“Oh Ed, why in hell didn’t you ever say anything. You are the only boy I have ever had around here even close to my age. You remember when you broke your leg and had that fever for so long? You remember who it was that stayed with you till you were fit to get back to work? You remember the talks we had about all the things you wanted to do and all the things I wanted to do when we grew up? Why do you think I did that? Why didn’t you ever say anything? Damn you Ed Bonner, why didn’t you ever notice that I felt the same way?” Susie Canard started crying and ran from the bunkhouse in a blind fury.

All through this revealing exchange Big Bob Canard’s expression changed first from anger, to disbelief, to astonishment. His little girl had chosen a boy he had taken in and hired as a ranch hand for her future mate.

“True it was, that he was pleasing to look on and a hard worker to boot,” thought Big Bob, “but a damn ranch hand and dirt poor.”

“Boy, why don’t you come up to the house, we got some talking to do.” Bob invited.

Well as things usually happen, Big Bob is now teachin a gaggle of grandchildren to ride and shoot. The main house has been expanded to house not only himself but to make room for his daughters’ new family. Ed and Susie were married not two weeks after the episode at the creek. Now after five years and four granddaughters, Big Bob could see a very explosive future in front of him. As the old time wranglers retired or moved on, the only help he could find was younger more high-strung boys.

Ed is now ranch foreman and he and Susie are expecting again. Ed hopes he will have a son this time but it really doesn’t matter. As long as he and Susie are together everything will be all right. Only one thing bothers him. All the girls enjoy skinny dippin down at the big pond. Take after their mother that way.

A smile grows on Ed’s face as he realizes that every time he and Susie go skinny dippin in the moonlight they end up with a new youngin. Lot to be said for a pretty rough start.

As I said, "This is me". Y'all have a great day and keep writing. I know I will. Most of my little stories I will never carry past a flash. But, a few WIP's will someday mature and end up in the hands of a publisher.
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All hail evil Lord!
Like it?
My little sister is amazingly talented when it comes to art - she has created a Witness banner!
Come over and see me at the above or join my hot new dark forum!
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It's amazing what you can do with love and support.
Feel the love.
Feel the darkness.
Feel my ass?
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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Only 20 Days Until Dragon*Con ...

Squeeee! I’m so excited! If you don’t know what Dragon*Con is well, it’s the biggest multi-media SciFi-Fantasy convention in the USA! Hosted every year down in Atlanta Georgia, 50,000 + fans of the various genres meet, greet and party!

I’ve been to Dragon*Con before (1997-2004) and I tell you, it’s such a blast! I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting LOTS of new ones! This year I’ll be happily promoting my ebooks and will be guest speaking on a few of the Writers Track panels!

It’s not too late to make plans to go or, if you want to go next year, check out their website at:

Well, time to plan my packing …
Thx & Hugs,
Sabrina Luna )O(

Sabrina Luna
Spicy Romance with a Touch of Magick
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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Update on Jordan
Okay, I think I hit on Jordan's story this time around. Go check out the blurb and tell me what you think. I'll be posting some WIP stuff on my site soon.

I'd love to know what you think.
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Dark Authors
Dark Authors
I have ended up commenting it :0 silly me!
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Dark Authors
Dark Authors

YES!!My cheeky monkies have come shining through for me...of course this means we are also in competition to get into the Anthology book but you know sommat, I know we'll both get in! ;)'Wallpaper' was only ever going to be a small piece, a between projects filler. It evolved in a way I hadn't expected. It was fun too!A boring ordinary man is suffering from a most incredible problem, when he awakes each morning he finds the wallpaper in his room has been moved round, a distinctively water marked piece goes from behind him when he gets into bed, to in front of him each morning when he gets up.He sees nothing and hears nothing.Does he really believe what's happening? What would happen if he did, would that mean he was mad?WHAT IF IT WAS HAPPENING???Amazing, I love it myself, you'll get a kick out of it. Promise.

Stella + Audra = x
I know I am an idiot - I am just learning how to use this bloody thing! RARATJUHKJH!
The name I registered for this blog because I couldn't remember my other is no longer recognised...pah.
But this one works 0 )
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Monday, August 07, 2006
WOO HOO!! My book has a cover :) I am so excited! Now, here's the tricky part, I have to finish writing the darned thing... LOL. "A Single Rose" is tentatively set to release on October 6th, so be on the lookout... A blurb? Well of course I'll give you the blurb. How silly of me to have fogotten.

Marisol Sanchez is the best operative the Marines have ever produced for the CIA. She is the top sniper of an anti-terrorist Black Ops team. Marisol’s job is to “take care of” any problems that arise. The assignment is received directly from her superiors and it is her job to eliminate the situation, no questions asked.

Michael Leoni, codename Lone Wolf, is Italy’s best known assassin. He gets a call on his cell phone and he’s on the next flight out for his paycheck. Michael is a hands on kinda guy. He slices and dices and claims his prize, the left middle finger, as proof he completed his job. His reputation precedes him and his record is impeccable.

Now, two killers are sent out on the same hunt… Can Marisol resist the Lone Wolf? Will Michael be able to deny his need for a strong woman? The two will have to work together to reach a common goal, but will they be able to keep their hands off each other until the goal is attained?

So, what do you think? I'm having fun with it, but my muse isn't fast enough. I have to give him a swift kick in the ass pretty soon... LOL.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006
The Heat is rising!
September Heat is coming!

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Rose St. Johns is getting kicked out of New York, trying to stay one step ahead of an overzealous fan that the police and her agent aren't above labeling stalker, although the last place she would expect them to send her is Las Vegas.

Furious with her situation, fear is something she is slow to admit to. But circumstances don't allow her to be ambivalent for long when she is tracked to her hideaway. Her only hope lies in a man she knew as a boy, whose secrets could be dangerous, and are his alone.

Available September 1st!
There will be contests, chats and
free stuff everywhere as
I celebrate my newest release!

Please come and join me!

Come and chat with me on September 1st at!
8pm cst/9pm est

Check back frequently for further information
on my contest and when and where you
can win a free download of this book!

Are you ready for the heat?
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Friday, August 04, 2006
EREC blog
My essay on e-publishing is now online at Erotic Romance, the blog for the Erotic Romance E-publisher Comparison Site: LINK

The site will offer valuable information for erotic romance writers and aspiring writers. If you write erotic romance and would like to contribute to the blog, visit the site for contact information.
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
A Smashing Review from Romance Divas!
Brick and Jessica are taking over the world!!


By:: Diana Castilleja

Forbidden Publications

Reviewed by :: Amanda Brice

Romantic Suspense e-book

Jessica Harden has a good life - a sensitive and smart teenage son, a good job, a nice house. If only her romantic life would follow suit. When she learns that her deadbeat ex-husband, Arthur, is, in fact, dead, she's surprised to hear that he's left her an ice cream shop. Nevertheless, she decides to make a go of it.

Enter Brick Donnelly, a handsome stranger to whom Jessie's ex-husband owed a large gambling debt. Before his death, Arthur had promised the ice cream shop to Brick, and he wants to collect. Jessie decides to give in and turn the shop over to Brick, but Brick instead decides that they should work together to run the shop and also figure out what happened to the missing borrowed money. Brick and Jessie's plans are foiled, however, when the shop is blown up. Can this pair solve the crime before the killers strike again?

In her debut novel, Diana Castilleja has created a wonderful tale of romance and suspense that will draw the reader in until the very last page. The characters are well-drawn and multi-dimensional and the tension builds and builds. If Ice Cream in the Snow is any indication, Ms. Castilleja is one to watch.

4 1/2 KISSES
posted by Diana Castilleja @ 8:09 AM   2 comments
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